Weekend Review - Camping Trip

We went on our 4th Annual Fall Camping Trip this past weekend with Will's family!  As usual, it was a great time.  We have been going to the North Carolina mountains in the fall, but decided to switch it up and go back to the Greenbrier Campground, which is where we camped over Memorial Day weekend. 

The weather was amazing and the scenery was beautiful.  It was a little rainy on Thursday when we arrived, but it cleared up on Friday and we were able to enjoy the time outside walking, fishing, and just relaxing.  The puppies LOVED IT!  They were in heaven - so many leaves and sticks they could eat.  They played hard and slept hard.  They behaved even better than we expected - we kept them in their kennel a good bit and they were perfectly content, even with us going in and out of the camper.  We were used to Sophie having a conniption fit in her kennel if we were nearby.  So, it was a blessing that they were so calm - plus, no accidents!! Woohoo! 

Will's parents have a Newfoundland puppy - I believe she's about 8 month old and she comes up to my waist!  Needless to say, she topples over Sarge and Stella.  They played pretty well together...I think Stella really enjoyed Abby.  We had to break them up a few times because Abby doesn't realize how big she is, but she was very sweet to my little babies.

Will's brother Brent joined us along with his girlfriend Ally and her little boy Braxton.  The camper was definitely full with 6 adults, a 2 year old, a horse huge dog and our 2 puppies...but it was a blast!

We ate like kings, as usual.  We fried some bacon on the griddle along with eggs and toast one morning, then finished off the bacon and had french toast the second morning.  For dinner we grilled burgers, then turtles (a family tradition - hamburger patty topped with potatoes, carrots, celery & onion all wrapped in aluminum foil), and then steaks on the last night.  We roasted smores on the campfire at night too!

I truly was a wonderful time.  I'm so grateful to have such amazing in-laws - they truly are the best!!

Puppies hanging out in their kennel
Braxton and Abby 
Will and Braxton with the Spiderman fishing rod
Heading down to the river!
Ally & Brent  

Mark fishing

Our beautiful view of the Greenbrier River 

Will and the pups 
Sarge with Braxton's toy car Sarge!
Mark and Abby 
Kayak ride 
Me & my hubby
Ally and Brent
Puppy play time
All aboard the kayak
Playing in the leaves

The only fish caught :( 
Pups wrestling in the tent 

Ally and Sandie


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