Fortune Cookies can be right!

Whatever I had yesterday is gone - hallelujah!!! It was horrible, so I'm guessing I must have felt sick from my dinner the night before.  That's a bummer because I was thinking of getting Pei Wei again before I leave :)  My throat isn't bothering me either - felt kind of weird this morning, but went away. 

Speaking of Pei Wei - I had saved a fortune cookie (which I ate tonight).  I'm one of those odd people that actually like them for the taste and not just to read the fortune.  Anyway, my fortune tonight read:
How true is that?

I'm guilty of being a bit dramatic and sometimes life seems horrible and bad things happen, but in the grand scheme of life, its really not a big deal.  I think back to when I was younger and we moved (several times actually), but one of my more traumatic moves was from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC.  I thought my life was ending.  I had so many wonderful friends and truly loved life (and that was middle school).  But, it turns out it was OK.  I met a lot of new friends in Charlotte - one of which is still very near and dear to me.  Then, we moved AGAIN and I really knew my life was ending.  But, I survived!  Its what made me who I am and got me to where I am today.  Had we never moved to South Carolina, I would not have gone to college in South Carolina, nor would I have met Will or many other dear friends.

There is always something that will change and open your eyes to show you that life does go on and teaches you to truly value what is important.  Jobs, houses, cars all come and go.  But, its what you do and who you meet that shape you into a person.  Its the good times to remember - the sleepovers with your friends, the games of UNO with your Grandparents (some of which cheat - love you Pap!!) and the beach trips with your parents.

So, I'm taking this fortune to heart and will not stress on what seems so horrible, because its the good times I want to remember that keep me smiling :)


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