Great Strides Update

The Great Strides walk is quickly approaching - its May 21st!!  So far, CF Stinks has raised $5,150 - woohoo.  Very proud and thankful for all our supporters!  Hopefully, we'll be able to surpass last years total and raise the most money at the walk.  I get so competitive, its crazy.  I hate not raising the most money :)

I also have another walk this weekend, not for CF though.  Its Paws for Pink, a dog walk that raises money for Breast Cancer Awareness.  My sorority's local alumnae chapter is sponsoring it so I'm very excited to get Sophie out on Saturday morning :)  Its only a mile, so hope she can make it. 

Her poor little self is falling apart...she hasn't been getting up the stairs as easily and has a bit of a limp when she first gets up from sleeping.  But don't we all need to stretch after not moving for hours at a time :)

Hope all is well & I'll keep you posted on our fundraising!!

P.S. I saw Water for Elephants this weekend - GREAT movie!!  I read the book a few years ago, so can't quite remember all the details, but it seemed to follow along with what I remember!  Highly suggest it!! Now, if I can only convince Will to take me to see Something Borrowed :)


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