Mom's the Word

Happy Mother's Day!!  Mom's sure are amazing & I'm so blessed to have a mom, stepmom & mother-in-law that are such strong, smart and beautiful women!!

I was thinking about all the names mom's get called - there's the ever so simple, mom; then depending on your accent it may be mum - or possibly mummy or mommy or even perhaps mudder.  Then you can shorten it to just ma or maybe your a mama person...the sky is the limit! Then, some mom's get blessed to be grandmothers and the list just goes on as to what they me be called:  grandma, gram, granny, meme, nana, nanny, mamom, grammy or perhaps a new word is created altogether when the grandchild is learning to talk - I happen to have a Munner!

No matter what they are called - mom's are wonderful people.  Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a strong and supportive family, but I hope that everyone has the opportunity to experience the love of a mother.  It may not be their own biologically, but a motherly figure that they can admire and learn from.

Here's to all the moms - they sacrifice so much for their children and never seem to run out of love.
Me & my mom

Me & my stepmom

Me and my mother-in-law
Although, I'm not a mom to a two-legged child, I have my sweet Sophie that I love so much. On May 6th, we celebrated our 6th year together :)
Can't you tell she just loves me :)
And, last but not least - my grandmothers.  Both my mom's mom and dad's mom are longer with us - I think of them very ofter and remember all the good times we had.  Here is a pic of me and my Gram (dad's mom).  I don't have a pic of my other Grandma on my computer, she passed away long before I had a digital camera...I know I have a pic somewhere around this house that I can scan :)
Me and Gram a few Thanksgiving's ago
And this is my Munner - she took me in as her own when my mom & stepdad got married.   So glad to have her in my life!


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