1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Its only 9:00 am on this dreadfully rainy Friday morning and I'm about to lose my mind.  I woke up to the barking of puppies (as usual) and the pouring rain - literally pouring!  Needless to say, the pups weren't thrilled about going outside in it, but Will took one for the team and put a rain coat on and headed out with them, one-by-one.  We had success, they both went #1.  But to my dismay, the lovely Stella took it upon herself to crap all over one of their beds in the pen moments after coming back in.  Not the nice solid stuff either - yuck!  So as I was cleaning that, she remained in the pen and Will took Sarge back out to try for #2 since he probably had to go to...no luck.  However, when I walked back in the room, the wonderful Stella had left me MORE poop to clean.  Isn't she kind? 

So, in my attempts of picking the sheet up, I have 2 puppies attacking it (and me) while I'm yelling for Will to get them!  He comes and starts gagging at the smell so he grabs the pups and distracts them while I clean.  Needless to say, that sheet went straight to the trash can!  We waited a bit to feed them because they would have to go again right after eating and it was still raining.  Thankfully, it stopped briefly and we made a quick feed and out again - success!! 

The soft side of me hates to put them in their kennels constantly, so I let them play in a pen we set up in the living room.  Not ready to roam free in the house yet!  At this pace, it could be years!  So, they played and I took them out 2 more times (yes, all before 9am).  Then, I was getting up to take them out again & wouldn't you guess it, Stella was going #1 - she managed to get it on the sheet and in the OTHER BED!! OMG!! So, I grab them and run outside again.  You may be wondering where Will is at this point...he's back in bed taking a snooze.  So, when we came back in and dried everyone off, it was kennel time.  Will all of a sudden appears to find me cleaning up again.

So, I've had to wash both beds this morning, two sheets and I have a pile of wet towels by the back door that I'll worry about later.  My body is exhausted already!

Thank God they are cute & I love them dearly!!


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