Never Forget

September 11th is a very significant date in the history of the USA.  But, to me it also is the anniversary of losing my Grandaddy.  Yesterday marked 3 years that he's been gone and it just seems so strange that that much time has passed.  Grandaddy is actually my stepdad's dad, and I didn't even know him until I was about 9.  He welcomed both my brother and I into the family, just as if we were blood.  I was the first girl as Munner and Grandaddy had 3 sons and 2 grandsons, so my girlishness was a welcomed change to them :)  Grandaddy was one of the funniest guys and you couldn't believe a word he said!  He would tell us grandkids about how he used to jump out of planes with knives in his mouth, how he rode across the desert on a camel and was even struck by lightning (this story was actually confirmed to be true by my grandmother - haha!).  The man loved to tell stories and my gullible self always believed them!

The last year of Grandaddy's life, he grew very ill and was in and out of the hospital.  He ended up in Hospice where he eventually passed away.  I cherish the time he was in Hospice as I visited him almost every day and got to spend some special time with him.  I'd help him drink his slushy and stretch his legs as he continued to tell me his crazy stories.  The world is a lesser place without his carefree spirit, but I carry a piece of him with me in my heart and in the wonderful memories we have.

Thinking back to 10 years ago, when the 9/11 attacks took place...I was a freshman in college getting ready for my Biology 101 class.  I was in the bathroom blow drying my hair when one of my roommates called me out to the living room to see that a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers.  I was confused, like most people, and didn't know what was going on.  I remember standing there staring at the TV when the second plane hit.  That's when a light bulb went off and I was terrified.  I remember calling my mom at some point in tears and she comforted me over the phone.  All classes were cancelled that day and my roommates and I just sat watching TV waiting to learn more and then hearing of the Pentagon attack and the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania and the towers collapsing.

I was watching some of the ceremonies yesterday, I just sat and cried.  I didn't know anyone that died that day, but it doesn't mean it doesn't affect you.  Sadly, there are children that never met their parents or were too young to really remember them.  Its tragic that something like this is what brings the country together.  We may not all agree on policies or the way the government operates - but this is OUR COUNTRY!!  We have so many troops out there fighting for us and keeping us safe.  They too are losing lives for us - they are truly heroes!!

So, thank you to our troops!! And my thoughts and prayers are with those mourning the loss from 9/11/01.  We will never forget!


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