Bully Baby Heaven

My sweet bulldog babies have arrived!!!  Will and I drove up to Lynchburg, VA on Friday evening.  We stayed downtown and had a nice evening and got lots of sleep as our last night before babies.  Then, Saturday morning we headed to breakfast then met up with the breeder to pick up our precious babies.  Here's our new family photo:

They are just as cute as ever and have quite the personalities.  Sarge is pretty chill, but when he gets all excited, he loves to wrestle.  Stella is a diva - she thinks she rules the roost already but can be super sweet when she wants to be.  They both love biting and chewing everything.  My fingers have been victims a few times and it hurts!!

Needless to say, I'm in heaven.  I can't stop looking at them...they make me so happy.  I told Will yesterday, that I feel complete.  Its been hard without Sophie and these babies bring back all the wonderful memories I have of her.  They do some of the same things she did - its hilarious.  I can't wait til they get a bit older (and potty trained) because we are going to have so much fun!


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