So long sanity

All signs point that I have completely lost it.  These pups have flipped my world upside-down and I'm still trying to get caught up...mostly on sleep :)  Just Monday, I completely forgot about a dermatologist appointment.  It wasn't until I was heading to zumba that it dawned on me that it was earlier that day.  I've never forgot anything like that before...I can't believe it happened!  Now, I'm too embarrassed to call back and reschedule.

Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, but I find myself just talking to the puppies.  Of course they don't answer back but they look at me so intensely that they must understand me or be trying to (sometimes I just get blatantly ignored as well).  I sure hope the neighbors don't hear me when I'm outside with them.  Its constantly "No", "Leave It", "Hurry Up" (that's our go potty key words), "Don't eat that", "Don't bite me", "Good Girl", "Good Boy", "Come Here", "You guys are driving me nuts!". 

Plus, I look like hell.  Even Will said I did! (thanks dear)  Its amazing if I actually get dressed during the day.  Most days I'm in my PJs.  Why put on clothes when they are just going to get covered in dog hair (from lugging them in and out for potty breaks), drool, poop or even get chewed on (for some reason, Stella especially likes to bite my pants - we are working very hard to break this habit!).

But, oh the joy when they wake up in the mornings! They are just ecstatic to see us (mostly me, hehe).  They just wiggle and wiggle - not just their mini tails, its a full out body wiggle! 

Speaking of them, the sleeping dragons are now awake - time to take them out!


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