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Pupdate: Stella the Tripawd Bulldog

My girl Stella is a BADASS.  She is handling life on 3 legs and chemo treatments like the champion I know she is. Quick catch-up on the diagnosis process.  We noticed a limp starting in January, but we figured she tweaked her knee (again).  We ended up at the vet for an x-ray and thats when we got the dreaded news that this was not a tweak of the knee.  We were referred to a specialist in Columbia, SC (an hour from us) so they could get a sample of the mysterious tissue growing around her leg bone.   We had to do 2 procedures to finally reach the outcome of osteosarcoma - Bone Cancer.  The recommendation was to amputate the leg and begin chemotherapy to give her the greatest chance for survival.  This was a VERY hard decision for us.  She was 9 1/2 at the time of diagnosis which is pretty old for a bulldog (average lifespan is 8-10 years).  So we weren't sure if we wanted to put that kind of stress on her older little body.  We had them do a full body CT scan to make sure that the

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