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Pupdate: Sarge

Our beloved Sarge has passed away, and yet again I'm left broken hearted.  I know I haven't posted since Stella's passing but will try and do better.  We did add a bundle of joy to our family since then, and we've been so fortunate to have Sarge show the new little guy the way of the bulldog world.  More on Captain on a later post. Sarge & Stella were litter mates, so they came to us at the same time.  And life with 2 puppies was absolutely insane for the first few weeks.  Since then, I've said you must be crazy to get 2 at a time...haha! Sarge was so fortunate to be a healthy guy for the majority of his life.  We had a few scratched eyes (just like Stella and the need to go through the bush rather than around it), a partial tear in his knee, some ear infections, an interdigital cyst, but that was really it. We noticed in February 2022 that he was panting for no apparent reason which lead to the testing and scans which found his heart base mass and cardiomyopath

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