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CF Appointment 9.11.2019

I've clearly been MIA lately, but all is well.  Just been busy enjoying time at our cabin in West Virginia and soaking up snuggles with my adorable new nephew.  💙  I'll share some pics of those adventures soon.

Yesterday was my quarterly CF Appointment!  They had a nursing student doing some shadowing for the day, so she got to sit with me through my appointment and learn the ins and outs of CF.

First up, as usual, were my PFTs.  I have just started my Cayston cycle, so I was on day 5 and did a treatment that morning before my appointment.  Also, with all my travels in August, I have not been on my vest or workout routine...pretty much at all. 😔   But, being back home, I'm back in the swing of things!! Yay!  And this just proves all the more reason that I need an Afflovest to make vesting and traveling easier!!!  So, here the results:

9/11/196/7/198/22/188/9/178/16/16FVC103%102%99%101%99%FEV196%93%90%89%88%FEF 25-75%78%72%68%61%64%

I'm a happy gal!  I'm feeling …

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