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Social distancing starts now!

With the craziness of COVID-19, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and planning for the upcoming weeks. Having CF, puts me and may others in the high-risk category which can be a bit nerve-racking.  So what am I doing about it?
I’ve started social distancing which means lots of time at home.  I’ve decided that I won’t be going to the gym any longer, but I won’t stop exercising. I’ve taken walks around my neighborhood and done some online workouts. It’s not the same but I need to keep moving!
I made several trips to the grocery store last week to get plenty food so we don’t have to leave the house to eat. Don’t worry folks - I didn’t go overboard.  I’m not responsible for the TP shortage!  If we all considered the rest of the people in our communities, and only bought what we need, we wouldn’t have the crazy shortages. 
In fact, if we all were considerate of others in general during this time, we could help to eliminate the spreading of COVID-19.  It is our civic duty to make sure we a…

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