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Medicine Change

I'm bummed to say that I have stopped using Tobi Podhaler.  I noticed at the end of my second cycle that I was having a scratchy voice and felt like my throat was full of phlegm and I had to keep clearing my throat.  I figured this was due to seasonal allergies as everything was covered in pollen around here. 
BUT, I started my 3rd cycle on Tuesday (4/30).  Then by Thursday I was starting to feel the froggy voice.  I tossed all night long as I'd wake up clearing my throat of the spit/phlegm - it sucked.  I called my doctor's office on Friday to tell them about it and my voice was even worse come Friday when we talked.  I don't mind the scratchy voice, but I can't stand the clearing of my throat and feeling like there is something in there choking me.  
They told me I could either keep using it or we can switch me back to using Cayston.  So, I decided I'd go back to Cayston.  So, sadly I have over 3 weeks worth of medication that I won't be using.  What a wa…

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