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Girls Trip

I've been meaning to brag blog about my most recent Las Vegas trip!  Me and 3 of my dearest girlfriends had a girls trip - no boys allowed (except for at Magic Mike, of

We had a busy schedule of events...and we thought we were still much younger than we are ;)

Here's a quick snapshot of our events:

That's about all I can share - What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!!!
It was so much fun to get away - just the girls.  We have a couple nights away here and there, but this was the first time we flew somewhere and spent 4 days away.  I'm so lucky to have such awesome friends that can and want to travel.  Counting down the days until we do it again!!

AND...CF doesn't stop when you travel...Cayston came along for the Vegas fun too!! I didn't bring my vest but had my Aerobika on hand.
I think my lungs have finally recovered from all the cigarette smoke in Vegas.  I know it's not the ideal place for a person with CF, but you got to live a little!  I…
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Just another quick pupdate.  T-Bone's appointment on the 27th was postponed (I was going on a trip and wanted to be sure I would be home to take care of him).  We were going to go this Wednesday, but with all the crazy weather going on down this way, I postponed again until Monday (4/10).
So, we will venture to Athens, GA on Monday and see what they have to say about surgery.  Send my sweet boy well wishes, happy thoughts, prayers, good vibes, or whatever you want :)

Making Progress

It seems like I start later and later each year with fundraising for Great Strides.  Why do I procrastinate?!

I'm happy to report that we are just under a month away from our walk in Augusta, GA (May 6th).  So far, we are at $7,500!!!  I'd love to beat our total from last year ($13,375)...I think we can do it!!

If you would like to support my team, feel free to click here to make a donation.

Check out my Great Strides Page to see our past donations and this year's list of sponsorships!


Just wanted to give an update on our boy T-Bone.  As you may recall from an earlier post (here), the vet found a mass in his ear canal back in January.  We decided to take him to UGA so they could check it out and give us a better idea of what it might be and what we needed to do about it.

So, he and I ventured over to Athens, GA (about 2 hours away) for his appointment on March 1st to meet with their surgical team.  We arrived, and of course T-Bone knew instantly that he didn't want to be there.  So, he came to a dead stop once we walked in the front door.  I got us checked in and then had to carry him all the way down the hall to the waiting area!  We met with some doctors and discussed the mass and how it was first noticed recently and that he didn't seem bothered by it.

They took him back to check his vitals and do some initial looking.  However, he didn't feel like cooperating so they weren't able to get a good look in his ear.  But they did end up sending him o…

Chicago Video Shoot

It's been crazy busy around here!!  So much to catch up on, but I'll share some exciting CF news first!  
I'm super excited to be a part of a video shoot for Cayston!  I flew to Chicago last week & had an awesome time.  I can't wait to share the final product with everyone, but for just get a teaser.

It was a super fast trip, but was so much fun (sorry to my Chicago friends for not having time to catch up).  I felt like a celebrity with hair, make-up and a stylist!!  I'm such a girly girl sometimes - haha!  The crew and team were so sweet and made the experience amazing.  I even read from a teleprompter and all!!

We had some great Chicago pizza, and even enjoyed a cupcake from a Cupcake ATM!! What?!?!

It's definitely an experience I will remember forever! And I made some great memories with my mom and aunt :)


The last few weekends have been full of fun and adventure! The first weekend in February we ventured down to South Padre Island, Texas.  We went to visit Uncle Charles and Aunt Aura while they were staying down there.  It was a blast!  We ate, we drank, and did it all over again the next day.  
We ventured into Mexico one day as well.  We enjoyed cocktails, roadside lonches, an amazing lunch, tequila shots, and bought some souvenirs! 

Next, I went to Washington D.C. on February 8th to the 10th.  My CF Clinic is involved in a special QI project with the CF Foundation and I'm honored to be part of the group!  It was my first trip to D.C. and due to a delayed flight in I didn't have any time to do any exploring.  But, I definitely want to go back, looks like a pretty cool place to visit.
Will picked me up at the airport on Friday morning and we drove up to North Georgia, on Lake Burton.  We met up with some of our favorite travelers and enjoyed some long walks outside and 4 wine…


My sweet boy T-Bone had his one month follow up at the vet on Monday (previous visit here).  Thank heavens his skin is clearing up and looking much better.  He's still licking his paws and scratching, but not nearly as bad as he was.  So, we just have to keep him clean, wipe his face and spray those paws with the medicated spray.
On the recheck of his ear, unfortunately the mass is still in his canal :(  I was not wanting to hear this. It looks about the same size and seems to be blocking about 75% of the canal.  It's blueish in color and smooth.  Their office doesn't have the tools to go in an take a better look or biopsy it.  So, we have to decide if we should just monitor it or get referred to UGA or another bigger hospital/vet school that could handle it.  We aren't sure what to do at this point.  It isn't bothering him so that makes me less concerned, but at the same time I don't want to ignore it if it could be cancer?!?! 
We are going to think about it …