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Trikafta Update

Happy New Year friends and family!  I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.  I sure did!  The best thing was getting to see my niece and nephews.  Nothing can top them.  But a close second, was getting to start Trikafta!

I started with Trikafta on Monday, December 30th.  I waited until after Christmas, as we were traveling and I didn't want to have any funny side effects away from home...overly cautious, I know.  So, I happily popped my first dose Monday morning.  I had planned not to go to the gym on the day I started, again overly cautious.  I just didn't want to overdo anything with the new meds and make my body go nuts.

I was advised not to drive for the first week while I made sure I didn't have any side effects.  That is one thing I didn't follow, but all was OK.  I had to get to my mom's to see the niece and nephew!! **I do not advise disobeying doctor's orders!!**

Within 2 hours or so of my first dose, I started to have a slight headache.  Not bad, but b…

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