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CF Appointment 6.17.2020

This week was my 1st in-person CF clinic visit for the year.  Thankfully, I was able to have a virtual appointment in April to check in and I had a Trikafta study visit in January, so I've definitely been in touch with my team and staying on top of my health.  
If you follow me on instagram, you know that I had to go have a COVID test before I could come into clinic.  IT WAS NO FUN!!  I screeched like a girl and definitely had tears (mostly due to the test itself).  If you haven't seen what they it!  Eeek.  I felt like they were touching my brain!  I'm definitely scarred from that encounter and WILL NOT want to have that done EVER again!
Anyway, it was time for all my annual and every other year testing.  What's that term for that?  Not bi-annual.  🤷  My day started fasting for my Glucose test.  Thankfully the lab tech drawing my blood realized they would be needing 12+ vials of blood, so she only took about half of them and did the second half after my 2 ho…

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