Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cheers to 11 years!

It's truly scary how fast time goes by sometimes.  I feel like I just wrote this blog post.   This past weekend, Will and I celebrated our 11th anniversary! Holy cow!!  We were in Johnson City, TN visiting some of our friends and Will played in the Member-Guest golf tournament (which they won - woohoo!).  We had a spectacular time!!

Being our anniversary, we heard that Will was lucky that I "let" him play golf that weekend.  When I hear someone say they "let" their spouse or significant other do makes my skin crawl.   Please take no offense if you said that to us.  I just wanted to hit on a point that we find so beneficial in our relationship.

We are a team.  A single unit.  We do not grant permission for one of us to do something.  There is not one of us that makes decisions, controls the other, or is the boss.  Do we discuss things? Yes.  Do we always agree on things? No. But, it's our job to support one another and compromise in times we don't agree.

I think it's important that we each do things that we like (independently).  He plays golf.  I am involved in my sorority.  He likes to play playstation.  I like to go to the gym.  He likes to buy golf "stuff".  I like to buy "stuff" in

When one of us wants to go do something (like my girls trip or his recent golf trip), we don't "let" the other one go.  We talk about the idea, and then support and encourage the other to do it.  Sometimes things don't always work out or we have a scheduling issue and we can't do things.  But that's OK.  If he's traveling for work, I have to be home to take care of the dogs.  And when I'm gone on my trips, it's his job to be home and take care of the dogs. That's team work!

I don't "let" him have space in the house to put his WVU decorations.  It's his house too.  He can put something somewhere just as I can.  Now, we talked that it would be nice to have a designated space and made him a mancave in the bonus room that he puts all the stuff that he likes.  Yes, I am generally the decision maker for what goes in the rest of the house, but that doesn't mean he can't have any of "his stuff" there.

Perhaps I just married the right person for me.  But I'll be damned if someone "lets" me go buy a pair of shoes or whatever it may be.  I am smart enough to know how much money we make and how much money we can spend.  I'm not going to run up credit card bills on "stuff" (and neither would he for that matter).  We talk about big purchases, set a budget, and stick to it (or close

We have our own free will.  But, because we support each other and see each other as our other half, we talk about things that would impact the other before making a decisions (like a trip, or buying all new furniture).

Not sure if I portrayed what I was trying to say correctly, but it is what it is.  I'm beyond blessed that Will chose me to spend the rest of his life with (sucker!).  I'm thankful for a supportive, encouraging and loving husband.

We vowed long ago to never go to bed mad at the other.  That we will not sleep in separate rooms (or on the couch) if we are upset.  I won't say we are perfect, we may still be frustrated with the other but we sleep in our bedroom together, no matter what.  Our relationship is number one and we do all in our power to encourage, support and love one another.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Playing catch up

Looks like I went missing again.  Sorry.  So here's a little run down of what's been going on since my last post.

1) I turned 34!! Woohoo!  I love birthdays!!  We kept it pretty simple - did dinner out with our friends and just enjoyed our time together.
Date night with the hubby
Love my Preston & Lilly!
2) We went to North Dakota!  We visited Will's side of the family which we haven't seen in a VERY long time.  I can't believe it was almost 9 years since I was up there.  How horrible is that?  We had a FABULOUS time celebrating his cousins wedding and just catching up with family.

Will & I at his Grandparent's old farm

Devils Lake with Brent & Julie
3) TMI - I got my IUD replaced.  🙈

4) My brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece visited and of course I cherished every minute.  We didn't get a whole lot of time together, but it was fabulous.  We were able to celebrate their birthdays while they were here.  I've never missed a birthday with them and don't plan on it!
Pool time at mom's house
That smile 💗
Super heroes!!

5) We went to our cabin in WV for 2 weeks!!!  I totally checked out of life, but man was it awesome. My dad, stepmom & sisters came for a visit while we were there (their first time seeing the place)!

They love camp!
They actually posed themselves!
Family Photo!!
My sisters & Will in the river

This is how T-Bone rolls at the river

6) Sarge and Stella celebrated their 6th birthday!!  I don't know how my little butterballs have gotten so old.

7) I went to the cardiologist to see what the deal with my heart fluttering/palpitations (here is where I first talked about them).  My appointment went well.  Unfortunately the palpitations have continued here and there - still don't know why.  So, I will go in 2 weeks for an echocardiogram and will then have a heart monitor for 48 hours.  Hopefully, my heart will misbehave during one of these tests so they can see what its doing.  So, stay tuned on those updates.

That's about it on my end!  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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