Bucket List

Somethings I'd like to do:

- Write a book 
- Foster/Rescue bulldogs
- Go on a cruise
- Get over my fear of flying (getting there!)
- Visit all 50 states
- See the Northern Lights 
- Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
- RV across the country
- Travel to Italy
- Foster a mom dog and her puppies
- Be on a Game Show
- Ride in a hot air balloon  (not so sure I want to do this since the incident in Texas)
- Go to Australia (and hold a koala while I'm there!)

Accomplished Bucket List Items:

Attend the Ellen show (attended 9/29/15!!!) 

Attend an awards show (attended ACMs 4/15/18)

Go skydiving  (completed 8/6/18)

Visit the Grand Canyon (October 2004 & March 2017!)

Run a 5K (completed October 2012 plus a few more!)

Learn to play the piano (started lessons 4/10/18, Recital 12/10/18!!!)
Preston & I both played in the Christmas Recital


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