Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not again!

I've reverted back to my teenage years it seems.  My face has been breaking out in spots a bit lately - I mean, who gets pimples at 28!?!?! Annoying!!!  Then, just the other week, I broke the permanent retainer that's glued behind my front teeth.  So, I had to go back to the orthodontist and have impressions made of my teeth.  Rather than putting a new wire on, they gave me a retainer - eek!!  At least its one of those clear plastic ones and I only have to sleep in it.  BUT, so not cute.  It make my teeth sore and I talk funny.  Oh well, the price we pay for straight teeth.

On another note, my Cayston arrived yesterday and I'll start my treatments on Saturday.  I still have this stupid cough, so I'm anxious to see if the Cayston helps.  It will be a year in September that I first started Cayston - crazy!  I've very proud of myself for actually sticking with a treatment.  Now, if I will only start using my vest...hmmmm.  Don't hold your breath!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A bit guilty

Will & I spent the weekend preparing for our buddles of joy to arrive this coming Saturday.  We cleaned out Sophie's old kennels, which we will pass down to the new babies, and bought some puppy supplies:  food, bowl, toys, shampoo...all the goodies.  SEE:

As we walked in PetSmart, as usual, there was a local Humane Society there with dogs and cats available for adoption.  I felt like crap.  There are so many animals in this world that just want a home and we are getting ours from a breeder versus a rescue.  I know my puppies need a home too, but they aren't at risk of being put down if they aren't placed in a reasonable amount of time.  My heart just broke looking at those sweet faces who would be in hog heaven to find a forever home outside of the shelter.

Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but one day I plan to open a rescue of my own.  I want to save those poor animals that aren't given a chance to make it.  I blame people for this overpopulation of unwanted pets.  I mean, get your pets spayed/neutered people!!!!  If you're just going to let your pets roam freely and risk getting knocked up - shame on YOU!!  Its your fault I feel guilty for not being able to take every homeless animal home (plus Will won't let me)!!

I'll get off that soap box and back to my feeling guilty.  I imagine most people know about the hurricane that hit the east coast this weekend.  We are a few hours from the coast, but I figured we might have some rain from the storm, but no - it was a beautifully hot South Carolina weekend.  We were shopping and enjoying the sun while others were evacuating there homes and preparing for a nasty storm.  Kind of crazy how you don't overly worry about things if it doesn't directly effect you - guilty again.  Although, I do have some family and friends that were in the path - thankfully, all are OK!  My thoughts and prayers are with those affected!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cough, Cough, Cough

I named my blog CF Stinks for a reason.  Its true, having CF just plain stinks.  Fortunately, I'm pretty healthy and most days I don't even think about having CF.  But, I've got this stupid cough the past week or two and it is so frustrating.  I hate sounds horrible and its annoying, but sometimes it can feel good when you finally get that airway clear!

I'm trying to figure out if I'm coughing because I've been off Cayston (which has not happened before - I'm hoping this isn't going to be a new thing on my off cycle) or if I have a little something inside irratating my lungs.  I haven't called the doc yet because I hate to take an antibiotic if I don't really need one and I know she will probably tell me to do some airway clearance first...which I hate doing.  So, instead I sit here and hack, hoping it will stop. 

I'm still doing Zumba which caused some coughing this week and plan to ride my bike this weekend...its finally not 100+ degrees outside so I'm hoping we will venture out in the morning for a ride.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Puppy Shower?!?!

Sarge and Stella will be here in just over a week & I am getting even more excited (if that's possible).  It got me thinking though.  We have showers for weddings and babies...why not pets?  I'm game for a puppy shower!  I would happily throw a friend a puppy/kitten shower.  We need stuff for them too: beds, kennels, treats, food, bowls, shampoo and toys galore (especially if these pups are like Sophie where it is the mission to completely shred and distroy the toy). The list could go on, trust me, I have a list of things we have to pick up this weekend before they come!

We all cater to people - and the sad thing is, most people only get invited for a gift!  Don't think I don't question why I get shower invitation from someone I haven't seen/spoken to in years!!  But, we won't go there...

*Disclaimer - I'm not asking for anyone to get us anything, just thinking about those of us that don't have 2 legged children*

Monday, August 22, 2011

Class of 2001

I had my 10 year high school reunion this weekend.  It just doesn't make sense that a whole decade has passed since high school - I can still remember it like yesterday.

I was a late bloomer, as I like to say.  So, high school wasn't all that for the girl with braces and frizzy hair and who was relatively quiet (until you got to know me).  I won't venture to say I was picked on or tortured, but I definitely wasn't the life of the party - well, that's because I wasn't invited to the party!  Haha!   All joking aside, I had some good friends and have a lot of wonderful memories with them. 

I was pretty excited to go to the reunion - but nervous too.  It had been 10 years since I had seen most of the people I graduated with - yes, I've kept up with some on Facebook, but thats not quite the same.  Your curiousity gets to you and I couldn't resist.  I wanted to know if all the people that were great looking in high school still had "it".  Plus, I had to show off a bit myself - I have a great husband and a great life!  Don't people only go to reunions to brag on what they have and what they are doing now adays?!

I found this cartoon and it cracked me up.  Its funny how things can change in 10 years!! I'm looking forward to our next reunion - maybe some more classmates will come out and join the fun!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Fear - it is a funny thing.  And, I hate it!  I don't like some things: like bugs or the being in the ocean (sharks live there!), but I can't say that I am completely fearful or terrified of them.  I'm not truly afraid of many things, but there is one thing that gets me every time - FLYING.

I used to LOVE to fly!  I wanted to fly everywhere and anywhere.  I loved the feel of taking off as the plane speeds down the run way.  I loved looking out the window and seeing all the buildings/cars/people shrink as we got higher and higher.  I loved the clouds and the sun shining as we coasted through the sky.  I loved the bumps and turbulence, especially when it made my stomach drop.  I loved descending and seeing everything reappear and that final bump as we touched down.

Now - I dread it.  I like to fly because it gets me there faster, but the actual flight scares the daylights out of me.  And I can tell you the moment this started happening.  I was flight to Dallas for work in January 2010 and had a pretty good flight right until we were getting close to landing.  Then, there were storms, plus it was night and soooo dark.  The only thing that lite the sky up was the lightning - eek!  We were just bouncing around like we were on a trampoline.  My earrings were smacking off my head.  I reached over and grabbed the poor guy sitting next to me and had a death grip on his arm.  There were some screams and "ahhs" as we hit the bumps (I didn't make a peep, just sat with my eyes closed praying).  I was just waiting for the oxygen masks to fall or a chunk of the plane to fly off.  But, we the grace of God.

Now, one could look at this positively and think 'hey, we made it. The pilot did great and the plane held up, so we should have confirmation that flying is safe'.  But, it scarred me for life.  Now, I'm afraid any bump will lead to that dreaded flight & you can't survive that twice!

So, I fly as little as possible which is still more than most, I think.  But, not near like my Dad.  He just reached a million miles with Continental...crazy!!! 

I start the flight fine, but I can't think about it too much or I get myself all worked up.  So, I ignore the thought of what I'm doing until we are taking off.  I actually still like that part (as long as its smooth), but one bump and I've checked out of my positive thinking mode.  The window shade must be open and I have to be able to see at anytime during the flight, so farewell aisle seats.  Once we reach the point where electronic devices can be used, I feel a bit of relief that we made it up.  I turn on my tunes and close my eyes.  I stay like this and peek out the windows if we hit a bump, just to see that we are still flying.  Then, eyes get closed.  I've started to get dizzy lately if I keep my eyes open during turbulence.  Unfortunately, my hands get clammy and my body physically shakes with fear when this happens.  Its horrible!  Fortunately, no one can see me shake due to the bumps!

Hopefully, this will go away.  Aren't you supposed to face your fears?!?  Well, I'm trying!  It has gotten better in the past year and 1/2, but by no means am I my carefree self when I fly. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


WOW! I am horrible at blogging lately.  This weekend, I was distracted as we were visiting my family in New Jersey.  We had a wonderful time, but I didn't take a single picture.  What is wrong with me?  Back in college, I was the one that always had the camera with me and just snapped away...its rather embarrassing what I have pictures of and how many.  Now, I still keep my camera in my purse just in case something exciting happens, but I never remember to pull it out.

So, no pictures of me and my sisters :(  No pictures of our attempts to make it to the Yankees Game :(

Will and I went to NJ for the Yankees game (and of course to see the family) but this was an added perk!  The weather was beautiful - you could actually be outside and not choke on the humidity or pass out from heat exhaustion...made me want to move north!  Anyway, the weather was great until Sunday (game day).  It POURED and did not let up.  We still headed into the city in hopes we could at least get in the stadium, but NO.  Game was cancelled and no one was allowed in.  The bright side, we drove around the city & had an amazing lunch at Carmine's.  Never once did I think of the weather as we planned the trip.  I just assumed it would be a nice day and all would go according to MY plans.  Funny how a twist in weather can snap you back to reality that we are not in control!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Smile :)

Are these not two of the cutest things in the world?!?!?!


I find myself daydreaming of these precious babies!  I just can't wait to get them in a few short weeks.

During the day when I'm getting stressed at work or just want to smile for a minute...I look at these pictures.  How can you do anything but smile and want to hold them when you look at them?!

That's all for now...just wanted to share a smile with everyone :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Greetings friends!  I'm happy to report I finished my round of Cayston on Friday - so now I get to chill out for 4 weeks and not have to remember my treatments 3 times a day.  I've noticed some "stuff" has loosened up in my lungs, but I haven't done any airway clearance - shame, shame, I know.  But I'm hoping Zumba will kick my butt tonight and jiggle the "stuff" out. 

For other Cayston users out there...I have some pet peeves/observations about it - do you? 

1) I cut/puncture myself on the metal top of the medicine container.  My poor thumb has some scars from where the top cut me when I was taking it off.  I've also been jabbed numerous times by that top feeling like I've pricked my thumb with a needle - ouch!  Maybe I'm a wimp, but it hurts!  So Cayston makers - lets work on that.  I know we need to keep it sealed before using us, but surely there is another way.

2) Different handsets take longer.  I have mine numbered so I can throw the oldest one away each time I get a new one.  I've been finding some handsets take longer then others.  Obviously, the amount of medicine is the same and I plug into the same electrical socket each time.  Not a major deal obviously, just an observation.  So when I'm ready for bed, or in a hurry, I will go out of order and switch to one that seems to be faster - haha (that's another reason for numbering them)!

3) I find using the batteries is faster then plugging in.  Maybe its me, but I swear using the batteries is faster too!  I don't use them much, mostly just in the car if we are on a road trip or something when its time for my treatments.  But, I actually used the batteries the other day so I could be able to move around the house and do laundry while I did my treatment.  Very convenient - love it!

4) The price!  Fortunately I have outstanding insurance coverage & save a TON of money.  If I didn't have insurance, chances are I wouldn't be using this medicine.  For you curious folks - I've attached a copy of my last bill from the CF Pharmacy which has the Cayston & Zenpep (my enzymes that I take when I eat):
Yes, that's a whooping $5,678.95 that the insurance gets billed for every time I fill Cayston (every other month).  And yes, that's $2,281.37 that gets billed when I refill the Zenpep (monthly).  Holy smokes!! And the best part is that I only paid $65.00.  THANK YOU BLUE CROSS!!!!

5)  One last thing - the power cords wiggles and cuts off in the middle of my treatment.  I obviously don't stand still very well and move around a good bit.  If I move too far one way or the other, or strain the cord reaching for something - its shuts off.  Very annoying.  Its getting worse, so I'm guessing the socket or something is loose on my little machine.

Oh well - overall its a great little contraption and makes CF life much easier for me!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Double Trouble

Our family will be expanding next month as we will be adding 2 new members to our household!!!  I couldn't be more excited!!!  That's right folks, its official that we are getting 2 beautiful baby bulldogs!!

Please let me introduce:




I'm one of those people that like to give people names to their pets.  Not that there's anything wrong with having a Fluffy or Smokey - heck, I had a cat named Smokey was I was little.  Its just fun to me to give them a more human name.  I know you are thinking that Sarge isn't really a people name.  I know - but I've always wanted a bulldog named Sarge...not quite sure why or where it came from, but I insisted that if we ever got a boy, his name would be Sarge.

I then wanted to name the girl something with the same letter.  Will wasn't so keen on that idea - guess he didn't want another S after Sophie.  But, I went hunting for the perfect S name for our little girl.  After a lot of googling of names, we came up with Stella.  Sounds kind of snooty - I like it!

They are 4 weeks old today and I can't wait for them to get here in a few more weeks!  So excited for puppy breath and puppy kisses :)  Not dwelling on the double crying, double potty training, and double the puppy mischief.  It will definitely be an adventure, but I'm very excited.  Our house has been very lonely since we lost Sophie & 2 puppies are just what the doctor ordered!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wife of the Year Award

If I wasn't out of the running yet, I'd say I am now.  Don't know what's gotten into me, but I'm just slacking around the house.  I don't feel like cleaning, I don't feel like doing laundry and I don't feel like cooking dinner.  So, the poor hubby had Spaghetti O's with meatballs last night & I had some macaroni and cheese.  I actually enjoyed my mac & cheese though - which I think annoyed him further - haha!!

I've been extra stressed out lately and sad to say, I tend wear my stress on my sleeve.  When stress really kicks in, I get in a daze and can only seem to focus on the things that are stressing me out.  I don't sleep very well, cause I end up having dreams (nightmares really) about everything too.  Its exhausting!!  I'm ready for life to slow down a bit so I can enjoy it...right now, its not so fun and carefree.

On a positive note, Zumba started back last night!  It was cancelled the month of July due to vacations and all that stuff, so we kicked it back into gear yesterday.  I completely and totally missed having class twice a week.  Perhaps this will help me relieve some stress too!

I'm on my last week of Cayston & feel great!  I can't believe this 4 weeks will be over on Friday - where did the time go!  Ahh - getting stressed thinking about that!!

Just so much to do and so very little time.

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