Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rhomboid, Schmomboid

What is a rhomboid?  Nope, its not that shape from Geometry class...that's a rhombus.  No, it's not something in outer space...those are asteroids.

It's a muscle in your back, that helps work your shoulder blade.  That SOB can cause lots of pain...I know!!  After several days of back pain, I started having pain and numbness down my left I figured I better hit the doctor.  I went to a Doc in a Box, as I like to say, on Sunday.  After a quick examination, she said I have strained my rhomboid and its spasming which is causing the left arm issues.  Good grief!

So, I got a shot in my butt for the inflammation and some 800mg ibuprofen to take 3 times a day.  I'd say the shot kicked in around Monday and I started feeling pretty good.  But, it must have worn off cause last night the pain was back and I have discomfort in my left arm as I sit here and type now.

I've been sitting out of the gym so I don't further injury myself.  I did go to yoga today in hopes that the stretching would help.  It did feel good!  Unfortunately, I still have discomfort.  So, here's hoping my rhomboid gets well soon :)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

On the CF Front

I'm excited that its almost time for Great Strides 2015 in Augusta!  But, that means it's time for me to get off my rear end and start fundraising.  CF Stinks has to keep on going up.  Last year's total was $11,893 - what?!  And our team has raised over $47,000 for CF since we started participating in Great Strides.

So, if anyone would like to support my team to reach our goal, click here.  I know we can hit $10,000 again and maybe even $12,000!!

Some more exciting news on the CF front is that the CF Foundation, used a photo of me on their Facebook banner.  I thought that was pretty fantastic!  We took some pictures when I was in Atlanta for the CF Conference, so they used one of those.  Here it is in case you don't have Facebook:

Courtesy of CFF

As for me.  Feeling good.  Started Cayston on Monday, so I have a bit of the "Cayston cough" occurring.  My airways seem to get a bit irritated when I start, so using my Ventolin definitely helps a great deal.  Unfortunately some times I cough more than others when I start back.  And, this is one of those times.  I've actually been feeling some gunk moving around in my lungs, so my vest is being my friend and helping to get it out.

Good news is I'm feeling great on the CF side.  Bad news, I seemed to have pulled a muscle this week :/  I did my weight lifting class as usual on Monday and then Tuesday morning started feeling a bit achey.  It's my upper back by my left shoulder blade...and it freakin' hurts!  I was going to go to a doc in a box today, but didn't want to wait the 3 hours.  So, I'm trying to tough it out and use IcyHot and a heating pad.  We'll see...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Where I need to be

I was honored this past Sunday when my wonderful friends (and sorority sisters) threw me a surprise Puppy Shower!!  I felt so special and was totally caught off guard.  It's nice that my friends thought of me and wanted to welcome our newest bully to the family.  So, of course, we had to get T-Bone to come meet everyone & he did so well!  

I wonder how many people can say they have had a Puppy Shower?  I had an 'It's a Boy' ribbon to wear, and 'It's a Boy' cupcakes!  It was so cute.  I know I kept laughing (it's a nervous habit - lol) and smiling.   T-Bone is such a lucky little to boy to be so welcomed into our lives!  We love him dearly (Sarge & Stella too, of course).

Being a bulldog mom is my passion.  I love that we have now had the opportunity to rescue.  I know that bulldogs are my calling and I look forward to the work I have in the future to take care of more.  I would love the ability to foster and nurse them back to health.  To teach them that humans can be compassionate when they have been filled with doubt.  To give them hope when they have lost it, and to mend their broken hearts.  And of course, blog about all the fun and funny things those crazy creatures do.

Being an Aunt is life changing.  It's not just a title to me or a term of family hierarchy.  My aspiration is to love my nieces and nephews unconditionally.  I want them to know they always have an extra shoulder to cry on, another ear to listen to their worries, and the biggest cheerleader in the world on their side.  I will love them as if they are my own and given them all I can.  I can only hope that when they look back on life that they will know how truly lucky I am to be their Digga.  

Often times I feel like I could be missing out by not having children of my own.  I know I'll never know the feeling of a growing baby in my belly or giving birth (that's a plus side!).  I know that I won't be able to share in many of the experiences that my girlfriends have with becoming moms...and that kind of sucks.  But, those that love me show me that I am special just the way I am.  I LOVE being a bulldog mom.  I LOVE being an Aunt.  I am so blessed.  I think I am right where I need to be.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

I saw snow!

I'm sitting here catching up on the Ellen episodes I missed while I was out of town last week :)  Love Ellen!!!  And Channing Tatum just came on - yay, can't wait for Magic Mike XXL!! LOL - am I too old for that?  

ANYWAY!  I was off to Indiana last week to visit my fabulous family.  It was a blast, but I'm exhausted.  I don't know how you parents do it.  Definitely not made for kids here - I need sleep and 'me time'.  LOL.  But, I'd never pass up a minute with my precious nephew.  We had a great week hanging out, playing with toys, reading books, and looking for 'reindeer' (thats what he calls deer that are in the yard).  I also got to go to my sister-in-law's ultrasound (yep, I'm gonna be an aunt AGAIN!).  What a cool experience!!  I got to see 10 tiny toes and 10 tiny fingers, plus I heard the beautiful heartbeat.  Words can't explain what a miracle pregnancy is.

Here are some pics from my trip:
Playing with his train
Loved seeing snow!
Looking at the 'reindeer'
Couldn't love him more!
So, I got home last night to find my sweet bully babies ready to play.  And who wouldn't want to play fetch at 9 pm in the back yard?!  Love my pups!!
Everyone wants my attention
Sadly, I was a bad patient on my trip.  I didn't take my vest (I did fly, so that's my excuse).  I did take my HTS, but never did it :( WTF?  What's wrong with me?  I hate it when I'm lazy about my care.  I ate my weight in Sour Patch Kids, plus lots of other junk food, and drank lots of pop.  Oh my!  

I've noticed not doing my vest that I have extra gunk in my lungs.  My cough has increased and it sounds like there is crap rattling around in there.  AHHH!  So, I'm about to bust out the vest now and get it out!!  

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