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So long!

Its time for Lent - hooray!  My over abundance of Sour Patch Kids through the past year has caused me to  yet again give them up for Lent.  I'm going to give up pop (soda) as well - that's another thing I've begun to consume WAY too much.

So, I had a binge-fest last night and ate/drank my weight in Sour Patch Kids and Cherry Coke Zero.  Needless to say, I had a hard time going to sleep last night - I think my body was in shock from all the sugar.  My stomach felt a bit queazy and my mouth was raw (still is).  I think I will be just fine without my two vices for a while (*I hope!*)

Love and Marriage

I had the joy of attending my uncle's wedding this past weekend in Tennessee.  It was a beautiful day and I have never seen him so happy in all the years I have known him.  He and my new aunt were all smiles and looked to have the time of their lives.  This got me thinking about marriage and love and all that in between.

Many people are truly blessed to be able to find that one person that makes their life whole, that makes them smile, that makes them want to be a better person.  Some find it early in life (like myself) and some find it later (like my uncle).  No matter when it happens, I think you just know!  Weddings are such a happy time for the couple (well, they should be anyway) and make the world seem like a better place.  It seems as though love can conquer anything!

A lot of time, love does conquer but sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes couples get divorced.  Unfortunately, weddings seem to cause me to reflect on this aspect of marriage as well.  This too is something I…


Greetings!! I am happy to report that I am back to normal!! After taking a few days off, I'm feeling great!  I'm still on the Cipro for a few more days and have a slightly increased cough, but that's a 180 from last week.  Just happy to be breathing and functioning as normal!

Being that I am feeling better, we have a wedding to attend on Saturday and my vain self decided I better get tan!  And, of course it back fired on me...I'm now a cross between an oompa loompa and Snooki - yikes!!

Rather embarrassing - guess God thought he would teach me another lesson that tanning is not good for my skin.  However, I always seem to ignore these lessons and do it again.  So, I thought it might be wise to visit the dermatologist to make sure my skin is OK - so I'm anxious for my appointment in a few weeks.  I'm just a bit paranoid about skin cancer now!
Unfortunately, I don't really have much to report - guess that could be good too.  The pups still have 2 more weeks on…

A few off days

This week sure has been more eventful then I wished.  Got home from New Jersey on Tuesday and it seemed to go down hill from there.  On Wednesday, I had to take the pups for a check-up on their skin, which is doing great but the vet wants to keep them on their medicine for another 3 weeks.  So, afterwards, I decided to be a fun mom and take them on an outing to Pet Smart.  Due to being alone and needing to buy some food, I stuck the pups in a cart to be able to control them better...wrong!  Long story short, Stella decided it would be fun to jump out of the cart!

She landed square on her head and did a somersault onto her back - it was terrifying!!  I scooped her up and ran to the grooming area to see if they had a vet, but they didn't.  She was acting a bit goofy and out of it, so I checked out and headed back to the vet.  Of course, they weren't surprised to see the crazy bulldog lady again!  The vet checked her out and said she was fine.  He assured me it probably hurt and …

My Weekend With My Sisters

Over this weekend, I got to experience life as a parent.  I visited my family in New Jersey and stayed with my sisters while my parents went on a trip.  It was rather scary thinking that I was the adult for the weekend - I still consider myself a big kid most days.  I had my two sisters (15 and 10) and the two dogs.  I had to feed all four of them, entertain them and make sure they arrived on time to their various activities (school, talent show, birthday party, dance class, etc).  It was fun, but I’m exhausted – not sure that I could handle that crazy routine on a daily basis.  I was fortunate that my sisters are at least self-sufficient and can take care of themselves to a large degree.
The school mornings start at 6 am – that’s insane.  I haven’t seen 6 am in quite a while and definitely not on a daily basis.  Once they were off to school it was just me and the dogs – much easier as that’s what I’m used to.  Then, the girls rode the bus home and I helped with homework and studying…