Greetings!! I am happy to report that I am back to normal!! After taking a few days off, I'm feeling great!  I'm still on the Cipro for a few more days and have a slightly increased cough, but that's a 180 from last week.  Just happy to be breathing and functioning as normal!

Being that I am feeling better, we have a wedding to attend on Saturday and my vain self decided I better get tan!  And, of course it back fired on me...I'm now a cross between an oompa loompa and Snooki - yikes!!

Rather embarrassing - guess God thought he would teach me another lesson that tanning is not good for my skin.  However, I always seem to ignore these lessons and do it again.  So, I thought it might be wise to visit the dermatologist to make sure my skin is OK - so I'm anxious for my appointment in a few weeks.  I'm just a bit paranoid about skin cancer now!

Unfortunately, I don't really have much to report - guess that could be good too.  The pups still have 2 more weeks on their medicine for their skin.  Stella has recovered from her stunt at Pet Smart (I however am still embarrassed to go back).  And Sarge is just a sweet and cute as ever! 

Hope everyone has a great day!!


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