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CF Appointment


Better late then never, but I wanted to share about my most recent CF appointment (it was Friday, March 21st).  My brother-in-law and his girlfriend, Julie, were in town, so Julie got to tag along with me on my visit.  It was her first time joining me and she was pretty excited to see everything and learn more about CF!  I enjoyed introducing her to everyone as "hopefully my soon-to-be-sister-in-law"!! :) LOL

I was anxious for my PFTs as this was the first visit since starting to use my vest again.  I was wanting to see some improvement in my small airways to help prove to me that its worth it.  Drum roll....

                    Last Visit        This Visit FVC                 110%               105% FEV1                97%                 94% FEF25-75%      68%                 68%
So, I'm a bit bummed that I didn't have any improvement.  Still great FVC and FEV1, but I wanted to see a higher FEF25-75%.  I am still determined to get it I'm stic…

Vest Suggestions

Hi all,

I need some feedback from your CFers out there!

I was just at the doctor and I'm looking at a new vest - The SmartVest.  Anyone out there used it or have thoughts about it versus others?

Thanks for your help!!

Cayston Video

Here we go!! I think this will work now.  I've been fighting with Blogger for a few days now trying to figure it out.

Hope you enjoy :)

Gilead Pictures!

Hi all,

I am so excited that I received my pictures and video from the Gilead shoot for Cayston.  I was gone this past week visiting family (will share those fun adventures soon), so it was a great surprise to come home and find this special package!!!

Here are the pics:

So Long Sweets

I must be a glutton for punishment, because I am not only giving up Sour Patch Kids (again) for Lent, but I'm extending it to ALL SWEETS!!  Ahh - already regretting this decision :(  So, farewell to candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, and all the wonderful things I love.  Darn my sweet tooth.

I'm hoping these 40 days of no sweets will help me in my goal to eat smarter and be healthier.  So, I pigged out on sweets on Monday while we were traveling back home from West Palm Beach, FL.  *Side note - Will and I went down to the Honda Classic with some friends and had a blast getting pampered at the spa, relaxing by the pool and of course, watching some golf.  It was nice to see a South Carolina guy win :) *  Then, of course I had to celebrate Fat Tuesday and eat more of my delicious Sour Patch Kids!

So, now I'm on day 3 and doing good.  The good news is I can help ease some of my sweet tooth cravings with fruit!  I've been buying a lot of fruit lately so I can snack on somethi…

And so it begins!

Fundraising is underway for CF Stinks!!  My team and I will be participating at the Augusta Great Strides walk on May 3rd!  AND, we already have some team sponsorships!!!

Thank you sooo much to:

Thank you to these wonderful folks for supporting CF Stinks again this year.

I've also received donations from friends and family members too!!

We are at $3,300 and still 2 months away!! Woohoo!!  THANK YOU ALL!!!