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CF, Exercising and Viagra?!?!

**Disclaimer - I am obviously not a doctor and this is my interpretation of the studies I am participating in**

I have been selected to participate in the latest, greatest CF Study being done at my local hospital's research department - woohoo!  I love being a guinea pig : )

Of course it is studying CF, but also how CF affects aspects of our lives like exercising, and what can be done to help us.  Based on the previous studies I participated in, it proved that CF doesn't just affect our lungs and pancreas...but it affects our vascular functions as well, like blood vessels.  So this study is testing to see if improving blood vessel function will help to increase exercise capacity in those of us with CF.  Pretty cool if you as me!!  So, where does the Viagra come in?  Well, Viagra helps dilate the blood vessels.

To answer what you may be wondering...yes, I am going to be taking Viagra (well, the generic form - sildenafil citrate).

I started 2 weeks ago and had some preliminary …


It's quiet on the bulldog front lately - thankfully!!  They are just happy as can be spending time at camp :)

However, we had a little incident with Stella this week.  Monday night, Will and I noticed her head was shaking...rather odd.  We went over to her and pet her and it would stop and start.  It went on for just a minute or two then stopped.  Then, Wednesday night - it happened again!  My friend (hi, Platt!) had come over so we could catch up on Bachelor in Paradise, when she noticed Stella's head just shaking.  I managed to get some video of it (we will see if I can get it to upload):

Of course, that got Will and I googling!  As usual when goggling, there are terrifying things that you read, but yet some indicated it wasn't major.  So, I called the vet this morning and they squeezed us in.  The doctor checked her out thoroughly and gave her a clean bill of health.  Thank heavens he is knowledgeable about bulldogs and their many quirks!!  He advised that they were he…

SmartVest Review & CF Appointment

Well, here is the long awaited official review of my new SmartVest SQL.  I don't have any current or updated vests to compare this too, so my feed back is based upon what I like/dislike versus the old and out-dated vest.

Weight - it is MUCH lighter than my ancient Hilrom Vest.  By all means, it isn't light but definitely a great improvement from my older model.  I can at least carry it myself!Comfort of vest - the fabric is much softer and less scratchy when wearing it.Technology - it has a digital screen, so I can set the time and know for sure how long I'm using it (the old one had a knob to turn).  Also, I can set different programs based on how long I want to use it, etc.  It's quieter!!  Will still doesn't enjoy watching TV with me while I vest, but I don't have to turn the TV to its max volume!  And, the dogs aren't scared of this one as much!There is only 1 I'm not tangled up :)And it comes with a rolling case (that looks like a re…

July in Review

Well, since I've continued to blow off my blog...I'll catch up again with a monthly review.

We spent the week of July 4th at our camp in West Virginia!  It was a fun week.  I rode nearly 90 miles on my bike - I'm surprised my butt recovered!  We saw a bald eagle - which was the coolest thing to me.  I've always wanted to see one in the wild and I DID!!  Also, on one of our bike rides, Will's uncle and I saw a rattle snake.  That was pretty awesome too - it rattled at us and then slithered off (thankfully).  We also went to the Greenbrier Classic one day - it was a beautiful course!!

Also in July, Will and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.  It seems like only yesterday we were getting hitched.
And then we ended the month with a week in Destin, FL with the family!  What a wonderful week - wish they all were like that :)  Best part...getting to wake up and see my adorable nephew every day!!!

As you can see, July was great!!