Sunday, January 29, 2017


Who wants a pupdate?  That's a dumb question...everyone does! Who could resist hearing about my adorable 4 legged bully babies?!?!

Well, tis the season for T-Bone's biannual check up.  Boy, was he thrilled...not! I had to carry him back to the exam room as he decided he was not voluntarily going any further than the waiting room.

He's been an itchy son of a gun lately.  NON STOP SCRATCHING AND LICKING HIS FEET!!  I feel so bad AND it's so annoying.  He's on Claritin daily to try to help what allergies may be causing irritation.  The vet game him some prednisone to help give an extra boost and that has done pretty well, but perhaps its effects are starting to wear off :(  But we go back in another week so we shall address his issue again.  In the meantime, he's getting his medicated bath and I'm powdering his feet and belly.  On a not so good note, the doc noticed something in his ear.  He said he has a mass growing in the ear canal - eek!  He's never seen it in there before.  So, that's why we are going back to get it rechecked.  Hopefully it hasn't grown any more and best of all, it be gone.  But, we shall see.  So, send T-Bone happy thoughts!

Stella also headed in for a 6 month check up on her kidney enzymes.  They were high back when we were doing some blood work and testing for Cushing's.  Thankfully, she had a good report that levels were normal.  Woohoo!! She'll have her biannual check in April so they'll check again to make sure all is staying normal.

Sarge has nothing to report.  He's just a happy fat boy who loves all the acorns that are still in the yard.  I tell him not to eat them (probably another reason my vocal chords have nodules) and get him away from the trees but that boy is determined!
T-Bone soaking up the sun
Sarge loves the sun too
Stella prefers sunning in the grass
3 happy bullies
3 clean bullies - coming home from being pampered at Downtown Dog

Busy 2 weeks

I've been busy lately getting back into the groove of life post holidays.  This week completed week 2 of my 42 day challenge.  I actually haven't weighed myself so I don't know how many pounds I've lost, but I can definitely tell I've made some clothes are fitting better, stomach is getting flatter (I say flatter, perhaps less bloated is better...I'll never be one with a 6 pack, but that's cool), and I can see some more muscle!  I'm hooked back on the gym and am I happy.

Although on my 42 day challenge, I have given up on sugar.  So, no Sour Patch Kids, Diet Dr. Pepper, cookies, ice cream...any of the crap I love.  Honestly, I feel better not eating it, but that does not mean I haven't craved it.  Cause I DO!  Will and I went to the movies this afternoon (saw Gold - it was good, you should see it!) and I can honestly say I don't think I've ever gone to a movie and not had Sour Patch Kids and/or popcorn. was a bit rough...the lady next to me was chowing down on some popcorn and I just wanted to reach over and grab a bite.  Instead, I drank my bottle of water and ate my protein bar.  Not as great, but I'll be happy I made that decision when I'm in the gym tomorrow morning.

This past Wednesday, I went to the speech therapist for the vocal nodules.  It was pretty interesting.  We did some exercises and she used her software and told me my voice is at the range of a mans!! HAHA!  Holy cow!  I always had such a high squeaky voice, it's hard to imagine that.  So, I was given some exercises to practice at home to train me to use my voice correctly (apparently, I yell too much and strain my vocal chords).  Again, she advised me to rest my voice and not talk unless I really need to...but that's impossible.  I'd need to be locked in a room all by myself in order for that to happen...and I'd probably end up talking to myself.  Oh boy.  I'll go back in 2 weeks and we'll see if I've made any improvements.

On another doctor note, I had a dermatologist appointment and I'm happy to report that I didn't have any funny looking moles that needed removed...yippee.  I'm good til my next appointment in 6 months.

I started Cayston on Wednesday.  It was supposed to be Saturday, but being that it was my first refill on my new insurance, we hit a few snags.  I had to switch my pharmacy from Pharmaceutical Specialties to Foundation Care.  I'd never heard of them, but they are one of the few that supply Cayston, so you gotta go where you can get the goods.  I feel like I started coughing a bit this weekend (perhaps from Cayston) and I had a slight sore throat this morning...don't know why.  That's not normal, but maybe I slept with my mouth open?!

Other than that, nothing to report.  I had the pups at the vet, but I'll do that in a separate post as to not make this insanely long.

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Back in Action

I'm happy to report that I've got my ass back in gear!  

With the new year, I decided that I'd join a new gym.  I loved Gold's but both my favorite instructors left, so I had no motivation to go back there without them.  So, I joined another place in town.  It's a bit more pricey, but I'm excited about some of the cool bonuses.  1) they offer Barre class - I've been dying to take this, so now I could take it everyday if I wanted.  2) the package I chose comes with a 1-hour personal training session each week!  and 3) the 42 day challenge, which I'll be participating in.  Basically, its extra training (3 1-hour sessions a week) plus meal plans and motivation to get back in shape.  I need assessment said I'm 33% Fat - eek!  

So, I started back on my schedule on Monday!  Already I feel more energized and ready to take on the day.  I'm actually tired now at night, so I go to bed a better time (no more late movies).  However, I still haven't broken my sleeping in desire I developed over Christmas break.  Thankfully, I can get up at 8 and still make classes! Woohoo!  But, I'll get back to my 7:20 wake up soon.  Baby steps.

I have motivation to eat healthier since I'm working out...I want to give my body good fuel so I can kick ass!  

I have energy to do things around the house...I'm not being a couch potato as much.  

I feel happier too!  I hated being lazy and feeling blah.

I love the feeling of having done something.  I've gone Monday through today and I know it.  You discover those muscle you forgot about when you go to sit down or get up! Feel the burn! LOVE IT!

Tomorrow is my first day of personal training and then the 42 day challenge starts on Monday!  I'm so excited.  Let's hope I can still walk - haha!!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

ENT Round 3 - Really this time

So, I ventured back to the good ole ENT office for my first meeting with the ENT that specializes in voice boxes.  I met with his fellow first which was super nice.  He told me a guy down the hall in his college dorm had CF - pretty cool!  Talked about the voice and when it all started and all those fun details that led me to that appointment. 

Next came in the doctor with a student as well.  So, I sure got my money's worth ;)  The doctor was so great and knew about CF too! He told me a story about back in medical school (at UNC Chapel Hill), there was a CF patient and it was a huge deal that he was 22 years old.  Now, seeing me at 33 isn't that miraculous since life expectancy is so much greater.

Anyway, the doc was awesome.  They scoped me and took a peak to still see the nodules there.  Dang!  He then told me the most common 2 types of people to get nodules are singers and stay-at-home moms! LOL!  He asked if I yell a lot....hehehe.  I do talk to my dogs a lot and I guess I am always yelling for them or telling them to stop doing something they aren't supposed to.  Just like a stay-at-home mom of 2-legged children.  Kind of funny!

Since I'm not a singer, they don't want to rush into surgery.  Being that I'm not a 70+ year old person that they would just let deal with them, they want to try to help me.  So, ladies and gentleman, I'll be going to a speech therapist.  Apparently, I need to learn how to use my voice appropriately.  I have an appointment later in the month and I'll learn some exercises to practice at home.  If all goes well and I train myself, my little nodes should go away over time.  

I'll keep you posted once I have my therapy and we'll see how it goes!  Wish me luck!

Oh, and the doctor did say something about me not being skinny like a lot of CF patients.  Thanks doc - you gave me some needed motivation to get this butt back in the gym!

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