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New Vest Update

Its SmartVest is on the way!!!  I got the word yesterday that it will ship out and arrive on Tuesday.  They will also be sending a representative to train me on my new machine.  I found that pretty cool.  Makes sense considering I have never used it before.  Although, I am one of those weird people that enjoy reading manuals, so I'm sure I would have figured it out.  But the personal touch of taking time to visit me and teach me all about it is fantastic!

I'm rather shocked to say that I am excited about my new vest.  Never thought I would say that.  I have always hated the vest, and I have not been shy about voicing my opinion.  So, the thought of being excited about a thing I have always hated is kind of confusing for me.  What is happening?  Who am I?

Meds and a New Vest

I typically us the Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy to order my CF meds, like Zenpep, Cayston and HTS, but use my local CVS for the Zithromax and Ventolin.  I generally haven't had many issues with the CF Pharmacy and always speak with excellent Customer Service Reps.  However, I had a bit of a hiccup with my last order.
Knowing I needed to start Cayston this past Saturday, I called for a refill on Monday (4/28).  I also asked for Zenpep as well.  But I was advised my prescription expired and they would need to get with the doctor before sending it.  I asked for them to go ahead and send the Cayston and not wait as I needed it stash of Zenpep is plenty sufficient!  So, Thursday evening rolls around and I realized I didn't get a shipping confirmation yet.  Crap!  I was distracted with all the Great Strides prep that I didn't realize my meds hadn't arrived.  
So, Friday I call first thing in the morning and ask what happened.  They advised they would ship the Caysto…

Great Strides 2014

Today was awesome!! It was absolutely beautiful outside - we could not have asked for a better day to have the Great Strides walk.  As always, I was surrounded by my amazing family and friends.

Here's our group picture.  I hate that we didn't spread out as much as last year and some faces are blocked, but its all I have...

Don't you just love the tent?  I sure do!!  Lighthouse Advertising Group, Inc. kindly donated it to us!!  I've kept it a secret and was so excited for everyone to see it!  You couldn't miss us :)
Here's the back of our shirt which shows our fabulous sponsors of team CF Stinks:
I'm happy to say we raised over $11,400!! Holy cow!!! I'm so excited!!  I'll post the confirmed final total once I recheck my math and everything posts :)
Here are some pics from the walk:
After the walk, the group came over to our house for a cookout and to have some fun!