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Great Strides 2014

Today was awesome!! It was absolutely beautiful outside - we could not have asked for a better day to have the Great Strides walk.  As always, I was surrounded by my amazing family and friends.

Here's our group picture.  I hate that we didn't spread out as much as last year and some faces are blocked, but its all I have...

Pictured:  Aunt Arlene, Will, Barbara, David, Megan, Mickey, Adri w/ baby Kyle, Stephen, Matt w/ Lilly, Brandy, Preston, me w/ Adam, Amanda, Arron, Nancy, Amanda, Beth, Taylor, Julie, Kelton, Brent, Amanda, Michael, Katie & Chuck
Don't you just love the tent?  I sure do!!  Lighthouse Advertising Group, Inc. kindly donated it to us!!  I've kept it a secret and was so excited for everyone to see it!  You couldn't miss us :)

Here's the back of our shirt which shows our fabulous sponsors of team CF Stinks:
Homestyles of Greenwood, SK Transport, CGM, Securitas, Life Wireless, Rail Training & Consulting, Peaches Uniforms, Kelley Drye, Installation Solutions, Lighthouse Advertising Group and Easy Wireless

I'm happy to say we raised over $11,400!! Holy cow!!! I'm so excited!!  I'll post the confirmed final total once I recheck my math and everything posts :)

Here are some pics from the walk:
Our set up :)
Me and my little brother, Taylor
Love my Preston & Lilly
Now with Adam
Eating popcorn & walking!  Couldn't resist!
Hanging out!  Matt, Will, Stephen, David & Megan 
Stephen & Adri with Kyle
Yep - still eating popcorn!  
Some of the crew
Our annual ritual is running the last lap...and we did it again :)

After the walk, the group came over to our house for a cookout and to have some fun!

LOVE!!! They were born on the same day!!  Been waiting for months to hold them both at the same time :)

Play Time
Just a little game of chase :) 

This kid cracks me up!!
We love these babies!!!  

First date! 

I had a few friends that couldn't make the walk this year, and let me just show you how AMAZING they are!!

Whitney, Nolan & Bryan wearing their CF Stinks shirts in Tennessee!!
Sweet Nolan! 
Jessica representing at the beach!!
As I said, it was an amazing day.  My cup runneth over.  There is nothing like being surrounded by those you love.


  1. Wow! Amazing fundraising. Any tips? I am barely over $1000.00!

  2. Thanks! I was so happy to reach $10,000 again this year. I have a lot of luck with businesses donating. They need the tax write-off :) Once I get a donor, they usually continue helping each year. So its important to build a base, but still try to reach new ones.


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