Saturday, May 16, 2015

CF Awareness Month

May is CF awareness month!  Recently a huge story has hit the headlines.  If you haven't heard, you must live under a rock!!! Granted I spend a lot of time not paying attention to current events (I know, that's horrible), but even I heard about this....

Salty Girls!!  It's a pretty awesome project in which a bunch of CF ladies show off their CF battle scars.  A photographer, Ian Pettigrew, who happens to have CF, photographed ladies with CF and is going to put them in a book.  It shows that everyone with CF is different, we don't look the same and we don't always look 'sick'.  We can be the girl next door, the bartender, the CEO, or whatever else we want to be! I'm really excited about this.  How cool would it be to be a Salty Girl?!?!  Check out his website here and Facebook page.  This project has brought a ton of attention to CF all across the world!

On a local front, I happened to catch the news after vesting and watching Ellen and this cool story popped up.  Its about a local elementary school that has a new video game which they created to help learn about medical conditions, specifically Cystic Fibrosis.  I found it rather cool.  Check it out here.

While many people still don't know exactly what CF is, its great to see that we are making progress!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Being a Bully Mom

My precious trouble makers keep me on my toes.  Unfortunately, I told them it was Mother's Day yesterday, but they didn't quite understand.   They gave me some presents, just not what I was hoping for ;) So, my day started off with Stella running away from me (we were at our WV property for the weekend) which means I had to chase her down.  Fortunately she listened when I called her.  Then, we proceeded to have breakfast, which they inhaled in mere seconds, as usual, and then I get the look like I cheated them on food.

Will and I packed up to head back home.  In the course of packing, we noticed a nice bulldog stain on one of the beds and carpet.  So, I got to scrub vomit.  Then, before we could load up, they took their potty break.  And Stella struck again.  I had the joy of pulling the grass out of her hiney that was stuck (very carefully, of course).

Once in the car, we were serenaded by the many noises of three bulldogs...burps...snoring...and passing gas.  Fortunately windows roll down so we can get breaths of fresh air!

They got all dirty and stinky playing around at camp, so the day couldn't end without the back breaking task of bathing ALL three of them.  Then, that means you have to wash beds and blankets, and all the bulldogs stuff.   I'm happy it smells like clean dogs around here.

I'm so blessed to be a bulldog mom.  They can't say the words, but I know they love me :)  They test my patience and my sanity some days, but life would be mighty boring (and quiet) without them.

Sarge & Stella 
Sarge & T-Bone
T-Bone & Stella

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Great Strides 2015

Great Strides took place in Augusta, GA on April 25th.  Well, it kind of took place.  The planned education day to go along with the walk was cancelled due to the 100% chance of rain. The dedicated CFF workers were going to be there to pass out shirts and greet any teams that showed up.  I was fortunate to meet these wonderful ladies on Friday evening.  I turned in the money, picked up some shirts and got our team banner!!  With the high risk of rain and having several little ones planning to attend, I decided to tell my team that we can forgo the walk and come celebrate at my house instead.

And that's what we did.  We picked up BBQ and sides from our favorite place (Duke's BBQ) and opened the house up to the team.  We even managed to get a group picture!!

I'm so proud that we exceeded our goal of $12,000!! Holy cow!! CF Stinks' 2015 grand total is:  $12,130.11.  Thank you to these wonderful folks for donating:

Auto Body Express of Seneca
Easy Wireless
Homestyle of Greenwood
Installation Solutions
Kelley Drye
Life Wireless
MLC Coin Laundry
Peaches Uniforms
SK Transport

I cannot say thank you enough for all the support given by my family and friends.  Every one of you are the reason I fight CF.  All my love to you :)

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