Friday, February 25, 2011

Crappy Day

My hubby is sick :( Thankfully, not the flu or bronchitis - just a stomach bug.  Don't know if its something he ate or if he has a 24 hour thing.  I may have had the same thing, but I think my stomach is a bit tougher than his - haha.  I woke up around 3 with a stomach ache and visited the bathroom & felt better - sorry TMI!  Then, he gets up around 4 and has it coming out of both ends - eww.  He is the loudest thrower-upper I've ever heard.  I bet the neighbors heard him.  I felt fine the rest of the day, but my patient is still in bed trying to eat a few crackers now.

So, our day has been relatively uneventful, until I took Sophie for a short stroll through the neighborhood.  Since we're on the topic of bowel movements, I guess I shall continue.  My lovely dog decided she needed to take a dump in the middle of the road - joy!  She came to a quick stop and squatted & I screamed "NO!"  But, it was too late - I yanked her to the other side of the street where there is a vacant lot (thankfully we have several still in the neighborhood that Sophie likes to leave presents in).  Then, a car came & ran over part of what was in the road and I just stood there while Sophie finished her business in the proper spot.  Her present was right in front of someone's driveway and I had to pick up the non-run over part, so I went hunting for a leaf because I didn't bring a bag.   Hopefully, the neighbors didn't see see me picking it up - I'm sure it was a funny sight!
So, anyway - that's all that's new here! Loads of Crap!

Monday, February 21, 2011

ME Time

This weekend revolved around me.  Will decided to head on a quick trip for the weekend and I had some previous engagements that I didn't want to back out of, so it was just me & Sophie for the weekend.  Although, I miss my hubby dearly while he's away, ME-Time is also great!

I got to sleep in without feeling guilty (Will gets up early most days) and I got to lay around in my PJs without getting funny looks at noon.  Fortunately, Sophie is a sleeper too!  She will sleep 12+ hours & not even stir or put her paws/face over the side of the bed trying to wake me.  I couldn't imagine having a dog that wakes up before the sun wanting to go out - yuck!  I chose the bulldog breed for a reason :)   Laziness is fine by me!

On Saturday, I played Bunco for the first time...its a pretty cool game.  Sounds kind of lame just rolling dice, but I had a blast.  I was getting stressed out trying to add the points, roll faster...if you've ever played, you understand.  Hopefully, I'll get to play again soon!  That was the big event of the weekend, so I relaxed and took Sophie for a few walks (they are fairly short as she gets out of breath before me!).

Another perk of ME-Time, I get to watch chick-flicks without all the sighs, moans & critiquing.  I can cry without being made fun of too!  Some of my viewings were:  The Last Song, Dear John (yes, I love Nicholas Sparks), Confessions of a Shopaholic and Twilight: New Moon.  After watching New Moon for the 100th time, I'm beginning to think I'm turning to Team Jacob - he's just too cute!  I watched some Beverly Hills 90210 re-runs & this new show called One Born Every Minute.  Its a documentary on a Labor & Delivery Unit in Ohio - pretty cool. 

Will got home on Sunday afternoon and I decided to make a good dinner.  I made my first lasagna and it turned out great, if I do say so myself.  I've made them a hundred times growing up and helping my mom in the kitchen, but this was the first time it was all me.  Then, I used my mixer I got for Christmas and baked a cake - yet, another first!  I'm no Suzy Homemaker, so I was mighty proud.  Here's a pic of the cake - I used the giant cupcake mold that some friends got me:

Its a yellow cake with 1/2 chocolate icing (that's what Will likes) and 1/2 vanilla icing (that's what I like).  We were so stuffed from dinner last night, we didn't even have a piece.  So, tonight - look out cake, here I come!  I plan on enjoying a slice as I watch The Bachelor.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Final Day of Cayston

I made it!  Today is my last day of my 3rd round of Cayston.  Just one more treatment tonight & I'm done for 4 weeks.  I did exceptionally great this time & didn't forget one treatment - crazy.  Usually I forget one or two times, but not this time!

Its funny how you get in a routine in just a short time.  Tomorrow, I'll probably get up and head for the fridge but will find it empty.

Will was commenting on my mess just the other day.  I keep everything out - it seems pointless to pack it all up when I just have to pull it back out in a few hours.  So, he will be relieved that the kitchen won't be messy for 4 weeks :)

Gonna go enjoy this 70+ degree weather & take Sophie for a walk!! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shed some love

I'm going to elaborate on my FB post from earlier today:  "why do I always see dogs running in the road?! TAKE CARE OF YOUR PETS PEOPLE!!!!!"

More and more, I keep seeing dogs lost and wandering down the road - back roads, main intersections & yes, even the interstate (last week I saw a dog just strolling down the shoulder of I-20 in Augusta)!  This is absolutely crazy and breaks my heart!!

Yes, I understand the little rascals can get out of the fence and break free sometimes even when we as their guardians are doing our best.  This happened to my mom's dog - when she was about a year old, she bolted out of the fence when someone walked in and ended up in the road (pretty busy street) and was even hit by a car!  Fortunately, she is fine & recovered fully - crazy thing still tries to sneak past you when you come in the yard.

But, its the people that don't care about their animals that totally rubs me the wrong way.  What's the point of having a pet if all you do is put it in a kennel in the back yard and throw it food every day (hopefully they do this) - pardon my language, but you are an ASS!  How about you spend your life in a 5' X 5' fence and I'll give you food & water whenever I feel like it...that would be abuse, so why is this not animal abuse?

I'm not even going to get into dog fighting - I'd love to hunt down the people that torture their animals and give it right back to them - an eye for an eye!!!    

Perhaps I am an overly-loving animal person, but hey, someone has too - there are far too many idiots in the world that could care less.

You may ask, did you help the dogs you saw?  You better believe that I have stopped more times than not to try to rescue the poor lost animal!!  Unfortunately, I couldn't stop on I-20, but he was doing a good job staying away from the cars, so I said a prayer for him and fully believe he made it safely off the interstate.  My mom will vouch that I have brought home dogs, cats, gerbils - anything that moved, you could count on me taking it home!

So, please take care of your pets.  They depend fully on you!!

Here's a little love for some loving animals:

My sweet Sophie:

Some little faces that want love too:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!  Will & I don't really celebrate the holiday - I tell him that he better show me he loves me everyday!  I don't want flowers and candy just cause the commercial holiday says I should get some.  I want them when he feels like being sweet - just last week, he bought me 2 bags of Sour Patch Kids - that made my day week.  The way to my heart is food :)

I got to thinking about the holiday and how I remember people saying Valentime's Day - that annoys me beyond belief.  Perhaps I started disliking the holiday when I was young because it annoyed me that people couldn't say it right.  Just like liberry - makes my skin crawl - its library people!!  And do not axe me a question, ask me it.  I'm not perfect & don't pronounce things correctly all the time, but these are pretty simple words - right?

Oh well, can you tell I'm annoyed today?  Just one of those days - I'm frustrated at work, so I take it out on apologies.

Have a great day!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Weekend

Why do I think I'm still 21?  I have no idea!  It was homecoming weekend for USCA, so Will and I went out to enjoy the festivites and catch up with old friends.  However, we found ourselves downtown, closing down the bar at 2 am - what in the world!  I haven't seen 2 am in years - with exception to maybe New Years.  But, I mean really - who still does that at 27?!?!  Needless to say, I'm still recovering today from Friday night.  Thankfully, it was a special night & not something we do very very often - I simply cannot hang anymore.  Its so nice catching up with people you haven't seen in years though.

I find it amazing that you spend day in and day out with people for a few years - you grow up with them, you learn life lessons with them, then all of a sudden life changes: you graduate college then move away and you don't see them anymore.  But, it is so great when the time comes that you can meet back up and remember the good ole days.  For those that were such good friends, its like you never missed a day!  So glad we made some new memories this weekend!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cayston Update

I'm happy to report today ends week three of four on my 3rd round of Cayston.  I have had ZERO instances of chest tightness & discomfort this round - hallelujah!!  The puffs of Ventolin before starting the treatment are doing wonders.

Hopefully each round will be this easy!  Lungs are feeling good & clear :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

I woke up earlier than usual this morning as Will and I drove to our office in Greenwood (rather than working from home).  Will was a bit lazier than me and stayed in bed for the extra snooze.  So, I got up, went into the bathroom and started getting ready. I was a considerate wife that shut the door when I turned on the lights so that I wouldn't disturb Will too much during his extra few minutes in bed.

A few minutes later, I hear Will get up and then he appears in the bathroom.  Funny thing is, he shut the door behind him.  I stood there for a second thinking "why did he shut the door?"  We don't typically shut doors unless we have company or one of us gets up and doesn't want to disturb the other.  Then, I figured, he didn't want to wake Sophie - THE DOG!  How funny?!?! 

So, our sweet little bulldog stayed sleeping until we were dressed and ready to go.  She gets to come with us on our days in Greenwood, which she loves!

To some people, a dog is just a dog.  But to me (us), Sophie is a part of the family.  I honestly don't know what we would do without her - life would be sooo boring.  She has the ability to crack me up no matter what my mood.  She knows just the right moments to burp or fart - sad to say, yes, these noises make me laugh.  I love that little thing more than I could have ever imagined!

If you haven't hugged your dog today - be sure to give them a squeeze and tell them that you love them - Valentine's Day is on Monday after all!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Down with the Sickness

I'm not sick THANKFULLY, but it seems like everyone else is.  There is Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Flu and all kinds of other CRAP going around.

I refuse to be sick - therefore I will not get sick.  I believe in mind over matter.  I believe you can talk yourself into being sick if you feel the slightest tickle in your throat.  I refuse to be that way.  I tell my hubby every time he gets sick that he talked himself into it.  He feels a tickle in his throat and all he says is "I'm getting sick" or "wow - did you hear that cough? Its bronchial!"  Then, I laugh at him!  And then, he gets sick.

Somehow, I find that I have a pretty strong immune system.  Having CF, I would think I was susceptible to all kinds of stuff.  Kind of like a kid, I would think I would catch the most microscopic bug just passing by someone that was sick.  Thankfully, somewhere in me - I have some good genes.  The ones that don't like me to be sick. 

So, as this lovely time of year rolls around, I will not be sick!  And to those that read this - tell yourself that you too will not be sick!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sorority Life

This weekend was great - I went back to my days in college.  All the chapters of my sorority in SC gathered to celebrate Saturday - this is an annual event which allows the young and the old to gather and show our love for our greek life experience.  The collegiate and alumnae chapters received awards for various items, such as programs & community service as well as recognized special members from each chapter for their hard work.

Now, there may be some nay-sayers who don't understand what greek life is all about.  Trust me, I was once one of them before joining my freshman year of college.  I met and became sisters with many wonderful women - I'm not saying we all loved each other and were BFFs, but for the most part everyone liked put up with eachother.  I know that my college experience would not have been near the same had I not joined a sorority - actually, its a womens fraternity, but I'll say sorority to keep it simple (Sorority = social organization; Fraternity = service organization).

A sorority does not mean you are buying your friends, its not being hazed, its not being told who you can and can't be friends with, it does not mean you're rich, it does not mean you're better than everyone else.  It means that you have a group of people with similar interests that you can rely on, it means sisterhood, it means giving back to your community, it means putting other's needs first, it means you are never alone.

So, Saturday took me back to my collegiate days of chanting and cheering.  The young, the old, the collegiate, the alumnae all joined in to sing and show our pride.  There were girls present that had received a bid just the day before and there was also a women celebrating 50 years of sisterhood - how amazing that someone stays so active in an organization for so long. That is my aspiration - to celebrate 50 years of sisterhood, to be a part of such an amazing organization, to support such a wonderful cause (breast cancer research) and make an impact in our little sorority world.

I can just imagine what collegiates think to see someone celebrating 50 years - crazy to say, this coming December will be 10 years for me! I'm a fifth of the way there!  The kids in college think I'm old at 27 - heck, I say life is just beginning!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

Well, our dear Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring - let's see if he's right!  Although its easy to believe on a gorgeous day like today.  We hit about 60 degrees this afternoon, which is a much welcomed break from the chilly weather we've had the past few weeks.  Sophie (my bulldog) and I took a nice little walk on my lunch break to take in the weather.  Needless to say, her unfit self still got hot and tired about 5 minutes in.

So, here's to the spring!

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