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Book of the Month

My goal for 2012 was to read at least a book a month.  So far, I read 2 in January but totally blew of February - oops!  So, when it dawned on me earlier this week that I hadn't ready anything in March, I picked up Nicholas Sparks' "The Lucky One".  I actually read it a few years ago, but now that they movie is going to be coming out soon, I wanted to re-read it.

Sadly, it was like reading a new book because I didn't remember a thing!!  My memory isn't worth a flip these days and I don't know why.  I'm always forgetting everything!  If I don't write it down, chances are I won't remember to do it.  Hence, there is always a notepad on my counter where I write down things I need to do and can then check them off.

Back to the book - as usual of Nicholas Sparks, it was fabulous!!  Love, revenge, tragedy - all wrapped up into one.  Now I'm anxiously waiting the movie where Zac Efron will play the lead role - woohoo!!!  He's so cute (and tal…

CF Updates

Last week sure seemed crazy!  I had an insurance change as of March 1st and of course this was not an easy transition having CF.  I typically use Walgreens for some refills and the CF Pharmacy for others (Zenpep and Cayston mostly).  So when I went to get my Zithromax from Walgreens with my new card, they told me that they didn't accept my new provider - great.  So, I headed over to CVS to get everything transferred over.  After about 45 minutes of waiting, I was told I could only get 3 Zithromax?!  My patience were gone, but I bit my tongue and asked why.  Apparently, the new provider didn't think I needed more than 3 - since when did they become my doctor!  So, I left without them since I was heading to my CF appointment on Friday and was hoping they could deal with the issue.

Friday rolls around and I am off for the afternoon at the hospital.  I started with blood work - 7 vials to be exact.  I was only expecting 1, so good thing I grabbed a bite to eat!  Then, PFTs which I…

Spring is Coming!

All signs are pointing to Spring here in South Carolina.  I love and hate Spring - its beautiful yet torturous!   It started last week as I was getting a stuffy nose, then a runny nose, then sneezing insessantly and couldn't figure out why...but I know why now - the pollen is out.  There is a slight yellow dusting on everything outside.  Its so gross and its only beginning.  Before long, there will be a yellow haze in the sky as the wind blows.

But, my gladiolas are starting to sprout and will be in bloom before I know it - as long as we don't have a frost come through and kill them all.

The sun is shining and its beautiful.  The pups enjoy this weather for walking (as long as it isn't too hot)...and we have a nice breeze that seems to be blowing a lot on our street.  But, I'm sure just like everywhere else - the weather is confusing.  One day its chilly the next warm...or the morning is chilly and you need long sleeves, but by afternoon its time for shorts and flip fl…

No Nose Blowing at the Table

Will and I went to lunch on Monday and we were greeted by not one, but two people blowing their noses at the table.  Totally disgusting!!  Not just a light little blow or whipping of the nose, but a full fledge HONK!!  Thank goodness I didn't have food in my mouth, I might have spit it out or choked on it.  Do people not have manners and just think its polite to sit right at the table and blow their noses?!  The odd thing is, its mostly older people that I run into with this God forsaken habit.  
Then, another gag inducing behavior occurred today in a waiting room.  There was an older (yet again) man that had quite the cough.  I had sympathy for that, I know how it is to cough in public (because you just can't help it) and people look at you funny.  But he topped it off by then hocking a loogy and spitting it into his cup he brought with them.  OMG - it was all I could do not to lose it!  Not to mention this man was talking louder then anyone else in the room and we all heard …

Week in Review

I can't believe a week has gone by already - oops!  I do have some good news - I took the pups back to the vet for a check up on their skin and its looking good.  Sarge will stay on the meds a few more weeks since he had it worse but Stella is good to go!  They were weighed and I was shocked - I know they are chunky little things but I didn't know they weighed that much.  Stella weighed in at 40.3 lbs and Sarge was 42.4 lbs.  Oh my!  No wonder its harder to pick them up now!  I remember the day I could stack them on top of each other and hold them in one arm!

I'm almost done with week 2 of Cayston and doing great!  Cough is slightly increased but that's getting the junk out, so yay!

On Monday, I had the opportunity to go to lunch with the Executive Director of the Georgia and South Carolina chapters of the CF Foundation.  It was nice getting to meet Scot and we talked about CF and the upcoming Great Strides walk in Augusta, which I will be participating in.  Its pretty…