Week in Review

I can't believe a week has gone by already - oops!  I do have some good news - I took the pups back to the vet for a check up on their skin and its looking good.  Sarge will stay on the meds a few more weeks since he had it worse but Stella is good to go!  They were weighed and I was shocked - I know they are chunky little things but I didn't know they weighed that much.  Stella weighed in at 40.3 lbs and Sarge was 42.4 lbs.  Oh my!  No wonder its harder to pick them up now!  I remember the day I could stack them on top of each other and hold them in one arm!

Do they look that big?
I'm almost done with week 2 of Cayston and doing great!  Cough is slightly increased but that's getting the junk out, so yay!

On Monday, I had the opportunity to go to lunch with the Executive Director of the Georgia and South Carolina chapters of the CF Foundation.  It was nice getting to meet Scot and we talked about CF and the upcoming Great Strides walk in Augusta, which I will be participating in.  Its pretty cool to see that us CFers have some outstanding people working on our side to spread the word about CF and help find a cure!

Then, yesterday I got to spend the day with my favorite little guy, Preston.  We had fun playing and singing and he even helped take the puppies on a walk with me!  I will say a 2 1/2 year old is fun, but exhausting - I was ready for bed last night!!
Me & P
As for Lent, I'm doing good.   I've actually been craving pop more than the Sour Patch Kids.  Will and I have plans to go to the Coke Factory next weekend with a few other couples - what am I going to do?!?!  I guess I can break the rule for the tasting :)

TGIF - hope everyone has a great weekend!  We are keeping it low key at our household - nothing planned, but maybe a trip to Pet Smart!


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