Tuesday, March 31, 2015


My last couple posts have been full of words and no pictures.  I'm a bit like a 5 year old and like books with pictures...lol.  

There is nothing as cute as a bunch of bulldog pics.  How can you not smile when you see these goofy babies!

Best buddies - Stella & Sarge
T-Bone rolling around
All 3 at my feet....all the time! 
Just finished our walk!  Hard to see but Sarge has Stella's leash in his mouth - lol
Mom...our bellies say its 5 o'clock and we should have our dinner now.

Happily all is going well!!  Sarge & Stella go to the vet next week for their bi-annual visit for shots and all that good stuff.  T-Bone will be heading in on April 14th to have a lump removed from inside his ear.  I thought it was a tick so I took him to the vet as it was in his ear canal.  They said it is a mass that they want to remove.  So, that will be done & hopefully its nothing major!

They are just living the life.  They have been loving the spring weather!  The 3 happiest bulldogs in the world.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fundraising Progress

I had a little bit of a late start, but we are rocking and rolling now!!  We are just under a month away from the Great Strides event I attend in Augusta, GA.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you to the wonderful people that have donated to the CF Foundation already.  You all are amazing and I greatly appreciate your support.

We also have a few companies that will be appearing on our team shirts as our sponsors!!  A huge THANK YOU to:

It's not too late to support my team...just click here.

Rhomboid Recovery

I'm finally getting back into the groove.  I've given by back tons of time (in my opinion) to get its act together and stop bothering me.  I'd say I've had about 10 days in a row where I haven't had a lot of discomfort - yippee!!  Read what happened here and here.

So, I decided I'd pick back up with my weight lifting class today - I usually do it 2-3 times a week.  I've still be taking spin classes, yoga, and step in addition to doing some weights on my own (avoiding my back), but I was sure missing my BodyPump class (that's what they call it at Gold's Gym).

So, I started my morning with Step and as usual, I was sweating like a pig and giving my lungs some great exercise.  Then, I decided to stay for the next class.  Of course, the first move was a dead lift :/  Hello back!  Thankfully, it wasn't pain, just some tightness that I was able to work out.  I used much lighter weights than I had when I stopped a few weeks ago.  Didn't want to overdo it AGAIN.

Why stop there?  So, I came home and bathed all 3 crazy bulldogs!  That is more exhausting then any of the gym classes!  Lifting them in and out of the tub and being hunched over washing them kills my lower back.  So, that was a bit sore afterwards, but that's nothing new.  But most importantly, the rhomboid is doing good!  We will see if that lasts *fingers crossed*.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Appointment Update

I had my quarterly appointment last Wednesday, and am happy to have received a good report!  It was a world record in speed too - love that!! I hate spending countless hours at the doctor's office.

I arrived early and was taken straight back for my annual bone density scan.  Here's hoping the Fosamax and calcium are still working for me!  I should get those results at the same time my sputum cultures come back... a few weeks or so, unless they are bad and they will call me.

Then, it was PFT time.  For fun, I've included this visit, my last visit and this time of year for 2014 and 2013.  (Yes, I am OCD and have my PFT scores all the back to 2005!!)  FYI - I am on week for of Cayston.

3/11/15 12/10/14 3/21/14 4/5/13
FVC 99% 97% 105% 96%
FEV1 85% 85% 94% 81%
FEF25-75% 54% 52% 68% 49%

So, I'm OK with my results.  Obviously, I'd like my FEV1 to be in the 90s and my FEF25-75% to be WAY higher.  But, my doc was satisfied as they are 'normal'.  Can't be too bummed about that.  But, being me, I always want better.  So, we will see how they are in June :)

They listened to my lungs, checked me out, wrote some refills, had me cough up a present for them(always the worst part, but glad I didn't have to get gagged), and sent me on my way.  I didn't have any special needs, so I got to skip the respiratory therapist, dietician, and social worker - woohoo!! Not that I don't like seeing them (they are great people) but I'm always happy to get home fast.  It's not like I can't get a hold of them if I have a question.

I was told to keep up with the exercise and vest.  I was instructed to do my Hypertonic Saline twice a day...not just the once.  I finished my Cayston round on Sunday, so I will implement my 2 times of HTS daily.  I already did one this morning - go me!

So, that's it.  CF isn't beating me!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


I'm happy to say that my rhomboid is beginning to cooperate with me and not cause me constant pain and discomfort - hallelujah!!  I have taken it extremely easy on myself these past 2 weeks.  No weights, just some light cardio and stretching.  Sadly, I haven't used my vest either - it hurt :/  My left arm still has some weakness in it which seems odd to me...but I'm dealing with it.  I've weaned myself off my ibuprofen and IcyHot too.

I'm hoping I can get back to my more regular workout and vesting schedule next week.  I have my quarterly CF appointment on the 11th, so I want some good lung functions!!

On top of this, Lent started and I decided to torture myself once again by giving up Sour Patch Kids (along with ALL candy) and pop.  Eek!  I won't lie, on day 3, I cheated and ate a bag of Sour Patch Kids.  Not just your typical 5-8 oz. bag, but an entire 14 oz. bag!  What?!?! Who does that?  I say I was trying to self medicate myself due to the sore back.  I blame my mother-in-law...she brought them for me on her visit...and you can't not eat a gift, am I right?

I'm on week 3 of Cayston, and all is well!  I can't remember if I mentioned that I had to change pharmacies.  I generally use the Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy for all my CF related medications.  However, my doctor's office notified me that they are no longer fulfilling Cayston orders.  So, I have switched to PSI (can't remember what that stands for at the moment).  It was a fairly easy switch.  I wasn't home for the 1st delivery and I didn't know I had to be there to sign for the meds, so that was hectic...but we have that worked out for future deliveries.

Not much else going on here.  We enjoyed time in West Palm Beach, FL last weekend for the Honda Classic golf tournament.  It was nice to get some warmer weather...although, I can't complain living in SC.  It hasn't been too bad here...a few really cold days and rain, but no snow :(

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