Appointment Update

I had my quarterly appointment last Wednesday, and am happy to have received a good report!  It was a world record in speed too - love that!! I hate spending countless hours at the doctor's office.

I arrived early and was taken straight back for my annual bone density scan.  Here's hoping the Fosamax and calcium are still working for me!  I should get those results at the same time my sputum cultures come back... a few weeks or so, unless they are bad and they will call me.

Then, it was PFT time.  For fun, I've included this visit, my last visit and this time of year for 2014 and 2013.  (Yes, I am OCD and have my PFT scores all the back to 2005!!)  FYI - I am on week for of Cayston.

3/11/15 12/10/14 3/21/14 4/5/13
FVC 99% 97% 105% 96%
FEV1 85% 85% 94% 81%
FEF25-75% 54% 52% 68% 49%

So, I'm OK with my results.  Obviously, I'd like my FEV1 to be in the 90s and my FEF25-75% to be WAY higher.  But, my doc was satisfied as they are 'normal'.  Can't be too bummed about that.  But, being me, I always want better.  So, we will see how they are in June :)

They listened to my lungs, checked me out, wrote some refills, had me cough up a present for them(always the worst part, but glad I didn't have to get gagged), and sent me on my way.  I didn't have any special needs, so I got to skip the respiratory therapist, dietician, and social worker - woohoo!! Not that I don't like seeing them (they are great people) but I'm always happy to get home fast.  It's not like I can't get a hold of them if I have a question.

I was told to keep up with the exercise and vest.  I was instructed to do my Hypertonic Saline twice a day...not just the once.  I finished my Cayston round on Sunday, so I will implement my 2 times of HTS daily.  I already did one this morning - go me!

So, that's it.  CF isn't beating me!!


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