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The Teenage Dream

Saturday night I found myself in the middle of the American teenager's dream come true....seeing Justin Bieber in concert.  The arena was packed full of screaming (deafening screams, I must add), teary eyed girls watching and waiting for the moment that Justin appeared on stage for the very first time.  And when that moment occurred, I'm pretty sure you could hear the screams in space.  I think all of their hearts stopped beating for just a second as they stood in awe of their crush.  While I'm a fan of Bieber (hate me if you must), I'm not in the infatuated state of mind that 99% of his fans are in.  They still think they can meet him one day, hug him, kiss him, and some probably believe that they will marry him.  They worship him, believe he can do no wrong, and would die for just one minute with him.  Oh did it bring me back in time.

See I too was once the (probably unhealthy) star-obsessed teen.  But only my celebrity love was Justin Timberlake. I had the opportuni…