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Insurance Changes & Cayston

Insurance is a necessary evil for us CFers.  So, as you can imagine, I was a bit nervous when my company switched providers on October 1st.  Good thing is, I work in HR so I was able to review the plans before we made a decision.  But, I was still nervous when I filled my prescriptions for the first time under the new provider.  I figured I should call early just in case there were any problems - good thing I did!
The CF Pharmacy is wonderful, so I use them for all my CF related prescriptions.  They get with my doctor when my refills run out or need anything.  In this case, my insurance company denied my Zenpep refill because of the amount prescribed.  So, it took a few days of back and forth with the doctor and pharmacy to get approval.  Then, the same deal with Cayston - they denied the prescription because they didn't preauthorize it.  So, again, a few days later it was all straightened out...thankfully.
I started another round of Cayston today.  I almost forgot and didn't ge…

Another Pupdate

Its obvious that my life clearly revolves around my puppies these days.  I'm OK with that.  In fact, I love it...I wouldn't trade it for anything.  So, for those that don't love hearing about my adorable bulldogs - sorry, I'm at it again!

Will and I went out of town Sunday night for a fabulous adventure to the BMW factory and driving school (more on that later).  So, we decided since it was just a night that we would board the puppies at the kennel, which is part of the vets office.  I was nervous of course and teared up dropping them off.  I had not been away from them since we got them...but I was a big girl and got over it.  Anyway, we made it back to pick the pups up on Monday evening before they closed and man were they happy to see us!  Those little butts just wiggled!

We were afraid the kennel would confuse them on their potty training - well, it did that plus some.  Monday evening they both had an accident in the house - Sarge found it fun to pee on the new bed…


Puppy + Update = Pupdate :)  Cheesy...sorry!

Well, the pups had their last round of puppy shots today.  Glad that's over - now we don't have to go back until January to get them spayed/neutered.  At all their other visits, they were pretty happy, but today was pretty rough.  The got their nails trimmed, the nasal kennel cough spray and microchipped all before the doctor came in for their shots.  They hid out under my chair after this and were ready to leave, but nope, two more shots from the doc.  Good thing is they don't cry or yelp - they just look at you with those sad little puppy dog eyes.

Stella weighed in at 24.0 lbs and Sarge close behind at 23.7 lbs.  Won't be long and he'll pass her up!!

Now, we are just taking it easy and enjoying the night in watching the WVU game.  Let's Go Mountaineers!!

Thanks Mom & Dad

Growing up with CF, I was used to medicines and knew they were important for me to take regularly in order to stay healthy.  My parents instilled this in me at a young age, so I am thankful that I had knowledgeable and caring parents - without them I would not have grown up.  Now, that I'm an adult, it is my responsibility to take care of myself (although, they still check in regularly to make sure I'm doing what I'm supposed to!).

Unfortunately, there is a 3 year old little girl from West Virginia that did not have the same kind of parents that I did.  Therefore, she sadly passed away last December after her mother failed to take her to doctor appointments and provide her with the necessary medicine for survival. 

The link below is the result of the trial against the heartless mother:

May this sweet little girl rest in peace and breathe easy!

Thanks to my Mom & Dad (and step mom & dad) for always taking care of …

What a Croc!

So, I am probably one of the last people on earth to own a pair of Crocs.  The truth is, I despise them.  I think they are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen in my life and think anyone that wears them is a dork! 

My dad wore the flip flop Crocs at the beach this summer & I just laughed at him.  But, he swore they were comfortable...infact, everyone that I've spoken to that owns Crocs swears they are the most comfortable shoe.  That did not persuade me!
With the pups, Will and I are constantly going in and out and need a shoe that we can slip on and off easily.  Flip flops - perfect!  Well, only for the summer.  Now that its getting a bit colder and if it has rained, flip flops plain old suck to wear outside.  So, Will and I have been racking our brains and searching far and wide for a shoe that we can slip on and off quickly and keep our feet dry/warm in these colder months.  Sadly to say, the only thing we could find were Crocs - ahhhhhhh!!
So, we bit the bullet and purchased…

Weekend Review - Camping Trip

We went on our 4th Annual Fall Camping Trip this past weekend with Will's family!  As usual, it was a great time.  We have been going to the North Carolina mountains in the fall, but decided to switch it up and go back to the Greenbrier Campground, which is where we camped over Memorial Day weekend. 

The weather was amazing and the scenery was beautiful.  It was a little rainy on Thursday when we arrived, but it cleared up on Friday and we were able to enjoy the time outside walking, fishing, and just relaxing.  The puppies LOVED IT!  They were in heaven - so many leaves and sticks they could eat.  They played hard and slept hard.  They behaved even better than we expected - we kept them in their kennel a good bit and they were perfectly content, even with us going in and out of the camper.  We were used to Sophie having a conniption fit in her kennel if we were nearby.  So, it was a blessing that they were so calm - plus, no accidents!! Woohoo! 

Will's parents have a Newfou…

Bully Update

The pups will be 14 weeks old tomorrow - how time flies!  They are doing very well and growing so fast - its getting harder and harder to pick them up though! 

Potty training is so-so.  We are still having good days and bad days.  Although, we seemed to make some headway this past weekend *fingers crossed*.  They love going outside...they run and run which is hilarious.  I tend to not put them on leashes very often so they get exercise, but it tends to bite me in the butt from time to time.  They like to get under the back deck...which is no fun going under to get them.  And Stella loves to take off into the wooded area behind the house...and then I get to go hunt her down and coax her back through the thorns.

They are learning some words: "outside" (they will run to the backdoor, if they are in the mood), "water" (they start barking at me until I put the bowl down), "treat" (they just wiggle and follow you to where the treat jar is).  If I say "are…


I truly love the south and imagine I'll be around here for quite a while.  There's nothing better than a true southerners fried chicken, mac 'n cheese and homemade biscuits.  Even after all this time here, I'm still not a fan of sweet tea (or unsweet) nor some of the other staples, like fatback, pulled pork (BBQ), hash or chitlins.  I think the people are friendlier and the weather is nicer (granted 100 degree weather isn't my favorite).  But there is one thing that completely urks me - no beer on Sunday.

I mean we aren't in Prohibition anymore, however, I believe some folks wish we were.  Depending on your county/city, you may not be able to buy it from the store and definitely can't get it with your meal if you go out to eat.  There are even dry counties that still exist!  Now, most of you big city folk are probably surprised by this.  The truth is, I am too!  I understand my region is the Bible Belt and heck, I'm all for the Bible.  But, I'm not …

Great News!

I'm happy to announce my big brother is engaged!!!  I'm so excited for him and Amanda :)  I've never had a sister-in-law, so I can't wait.  No news on when the big day will be yet, but I'll keep you posted!

Here's a pic of the happy couple:

Congratulations Michael and Amanda!!!  I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.  I can't wait for Amanda to officially be a part of the family.  Looking forward to the celebrating with you on your wedding day!   Love you both!!

Weekend Review

We had another great weekend!  The fall weather made an appearance, which I am over-joyed to have!  A nice brisk morning is wonderful - I get bundled up in a hoodie to take the pups out.  We had some friends visit us from Tennessee - Bryan and Whitney.  It was their first time meeting the pups.  Unfortunately, the pups weren't on their best behavior Friday evening, but Saturday and Sunday were much better.
On Saturday, we watched some college football and some other friends came over as well for a cookout.  We played corn hole and let the puppies run around in the back yard.  Great fun!

Sunday, was a bit more low key.  I whipped up some pancakes and bacon for breakfast before our friends left for home.  Then, it was nap time.  I napped on and off all day - it was amazing.  However, I still don't think I'm caught up.

I've been looking into some training classes for Sarge & Stella.  We can always go to Petsmart, but I just don't know how good/thorough that training…


Thankfully, I'm starting to feel more myself, health wise!  The cough is GONE!! So long sucker!!  I finished up my antibiotic on Saturday and my last treatment of Cayston was Friday night!  So, I'm home free!!

Its so nice not trying to remember how many breathing treatments I did or if I took my antibiotic twice in a day.  On top of all my stuff, I have to remember if I fed the dogs and gave them their vitamins, etc.  I should make a big checklist to mark off each day when I have all these things going on.  Somehow, I manage to remember though!

Now that I'm back to normal, I'm going to get my flu shot (and Will too!).  Didn't want to risk getting it if I wasn't 100%.  My sinuses have been acting up the past couple days though, which is pretty unusual for me...guess its this cool weather thats finally been coming around.

I love cool weather.  There is nothing I rather wear more than jeans and a hoodie!  In fact, that's what I have on now :)  Yes, I actually …