What a Croc!

So, I am probably one of the last people on earth to own a pair of Crocs.  The truth is, I despise them.  I think they are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen in my life and think anyone that wears them is a dork! 

My dad wore the flip flop Crocs at the beach this summer & I just laughed at him.  But, he swore they were comfortable...infact, everyone that I've spoken to that owns Crocs swears they are the most comfortable shoe.  That did not persuade me!

With the pups, Will and I are constantly going in and out and need a shoe that we can slip on and off easily.  Flip flops - perfect!  Well, only for the summer.  Now that its getting a bit colder and if it has rained, flip flops plain old suck to wear outside.  So, Will and I have been racking our brains and searching far and wide for a shoe that we can slip on and off quickly and keep our feet dry/warm in these colder months.  Sadly to say, the only thing we could find were Crocs - ahhhhhhh!!

So, we bit the bullet and purchased a $39.95 pair each.  What the heck is up with that outrageous price?!?!  They had kid ones that were $29.95 - no way in hell would I pay that for a kid that outgrows shoes so fast.  I'm not a cheapskate, but I prefer to at least like the items I spend money on.  Anyway, we both bought the ones that are lined with faux fur.  I was honestly embarrased to buy these at the register...it was like checking out with tampons or condoms! haha

They have worked rather well though.  We took them on our camping trip this past weekend as well, so we can slip them on and off when coming in and out of the camper.  Sad to say, I wore the blasted things all weekend! They were the only shoes I wore!! OMG!  I even went out in public to the store in them...what has the world come to?!?  But, they are the most comfortable things ever...it doesn't even feel like I have shoes on...its fabulous.  See, we got busted and had a picture taken of us wearing them :(

So, I must eat a little crow.  I still think they are the ugliest shoes ever, but I'll wear them anyway...granted you probably won't see me wearing them in public where we live...I just do that when I know I won't run into anyone I know :)


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