I truly love the south and imagine I'll be around here for quite a while.  There's nothing better than a true southerners fried chicken, mac 'n cheese and homemade biscuits.  Even after all this time here, I'm still not a fan of sweet tea (or unsweet) nor some of the other staples, like fatback, pulled pork (BBQ), hash or chitlins.  I think the people are friendlier and the weather is nicer (granted 100 degree weather isn't my favorite).  But there is one thing that completely urks me - no beer on Sunday.

I mean we aren't in Prohibition anymore, however, I believe some folks wish we were.  Depending on your county/city, you may not be able to buy it from the store and definitely can't get it with your meal if you go out to eat.  There are even dry counties that still exist!  Now, most of you big city folk are probably surprised by this.  The truth is, I am too!  I understand my region is the Bible Belt and heck, I'm all for the Bible.  But, I'm not for being told when and where it is OK to have an adult beverage, should I choose. 

I'm a Christian but I don't have my head in the sand and think that a drink is going to send me to Hell. That just doesn't make sense to me.  In my opinion, moderation is key.  Probably not ideal to be an alchoholic and blow all the family funds on booze, but hey, who am I to judge...just don't drink and drive!!

Anyway, Will and I were in Augusta, GA yesterday doing some shopping and we stopped for lunch at Red Robin and had a nice cold beer with our burgers!  It was great!!  I'm not saying I want to do it every day or every Sunday, but I sure think its nice to be able to have a drink when you want!



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