Insurance Changes & Cayston

Insurance is a necessary evil for us CFers.  So, as you can imagine, I was a bit nervous when my company switched providers on October 1st.  Good thing is, I work in HR so I was able to review the plans before we made a decision.  But, I was still nervous when I filled my prescriptions for the first time under the new provider.  I figured I should call early just in case there were any problems - good thing I did!

The CF Pharmacy is wonderful, so I use them for all my CF related prescriptions.  They get with my doctor when my refills run out or need anything.  In this case, my insurance company denied my Zenpep refill because of the amount prescribed.  So, it took a few days of back and forth with the doctor and pharmacy to get approval.  Then, the same deal with Cayston - they denied the prescription because they didn't preauthorize it.  So, again, a few days later it was all straightened out...thankfully.

I started another round of Cayston today.  I almost forgot and didn't get my first treatment in until around 9:30am - oops!  At least thats still enough time to get all 3 in today.  Maybe tomorrow I'll remember a bit earlier :) 


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