Weekend Review

We had another great weekend!  The fall weather made an appearance, which I am over-joyed to have!  A nice brisk morning is wonderful - I get bundled up in a hoodie to take the pups out.  We had some friends visit us from Tennessee - Bryan and Whitney.  It was their first time meeting the pups.  Unfortunately, the pups weren't on their best behavior Friday evening, but Saturday and Sunday were much better.
Stella giving Whitney some love!
Whitney holding Stella and Bryan holding Sarge
On Saturday, we watched some college football and some other friends came over as well for a cookout.  We played corn hole and let the puppies run around in the back yard.  Great fun!

Sarge was scared of the corn hole boards, so he hid behind the tree!
Bad pic, but all I got:  Sarge & Stella in their Carolina scarves
Lovin' on my babies!!
Sunday, was a bit more low key.  I whipped up some pancakes and bacon for breakfast before our friends left for home.  Then, it was nap time.  I napped on and off all day - it was amazing.  However, I still don't think I'm caught up.

I've been looking into some training classes for Sarge & Stella.  We can always go to Petsmart, but I just don't know how good/thorough that training is.  I'd like something that is more one on one and focused towards the personalities of our puppies.  Then, I came across a place that you send the pups to for at least 2 weeks for intensive training.  I like the idea of it, but I simply can't part with them for 2 weeks - maybe longer, as bulldogs are beyond stubborn!  They are growing so fast and just full of life, I don't want to miss a moment.  Will is all for it and ready to drop them off :(  Fortunately, the trainer said they are too young right now, so I have some more time!!


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