Sunday, July 24, 2011

I feel like I blinked and July is almost!  Its been a busy two weeks with my trip to Dallas, then last week I was on vacation in Destin, Florida.  It was a much needed break from work and life.  I pretty much checked out for the week - which was wonderful.  However, I'm dreading work tomorrow as I'll be a week behind - ahh!  Sometimes vacations make work even more stressful.

The night I got back from Dallas (7/15), there was a minor league baseball game which supported the CF Foundation.  So Will and I, along with some friends went out to the game.  It was a lot of fun...but I forgot to take pictures - oops!  The 15th was also our 5th anniversary - hard to believe its been that long.  Its great having a partner in life that always has your back and keeps you straight...don't know what I'd do without Will!  So, in honor of our anniversary - here's a few wedding pics:

Dad giving me away

Lighting the candle
Our first kiss as husband & wife!
We are married!

Our vacation last week was fabulous!!  We ate lots of food (blowing my healthy eating kick, but well worth it) and had a great time.  Here are some pics of our week:

Us gals finishing up our Sky Coaster ride!

The whole gang

Will & I
Me & my dad :)
Us again

My crazy brave sister bungee jumping

Gonna call it a night & go to bed early!!  Sweet dreams!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, I made it to Dallas.  Needless to say, its hot...yes, even hotter than South Carolina.  Fortunately I don't leave the office all day so I miss the peak of the heat.

On the flight here, I had a revelation.  People are gross.  I guess I knew this already, but it escalated.  There was constant sneezing, coughing, sniffing and various other bodily noises throughout the flight.  A teenager was in the row in front of me with his parents and he was sniffing and coughing to the point where it just about gagged me!  Then, I noticed his nose was bleeding and he had bloody tissues everywhere - yuck!  I felt kind of bad for him and ashamed that I was shooting nasty looks into the back of his seat, but it was so gross.  Then, he told the flight attendant that he got blood on the seat belt - at least he asked for something to clean it, but its blood - be more careful!  God only knows whats on those planes that we come in contact with.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to flight privately!  I'm a sanitize freak when I'm on planes and when I get off...well, pretty much most of the time in all honesty.

Having CF, I'm extra conscious when people cough.  I listen to hear if it is just a clearing of the throat cough or a nasty bronchial cough with phlegm rattling around.  People are clueless - you'd be surprised how many people don't cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough.  I just hold my breath when someone around me coughs/sneezes and hope their germs pass by before I inhale.  This probably doesn't really do anything, but hey, it makes me feel slightly better.  If I'm in public (not confined to my seat on a plane), I'll completely avoid someone that's coughing.  On Saturday, Will & I were shopping and this little girl had a nasty cough...I walked clear across the store to avoid her!

Anyway, enough venting.  I'm finishing up day 3 of Cayston.  I'd say my cough has increased slightly and I feel "stuff" loosening up.  I of course tried to stifle my coughing on the plane because no one wants to hear that! 

Well, back to relaxing in my hotel room - yay for the Hampton bed!! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cayston Time

These past 4 weeks have snuck up on me - where does the time go?  I'll be starting my Cayston treatments on Saturday.  I ordered my meds on Tuesday (from the CF Pharmacy, which I highly recommend) and it arrived on Wednesday.  Very fast and efficient.  I'm rather paranoid so I always order several days before just to ensure there is plenty of time for everything to arrive.

The past 4 weeks, I would say my health has been just fine being off the treatments.  Although, I was coughing in my sleep two nights ago & I'm coughing a bit now. Generally, I don't feel like I cough that much...I guess I do more than the average person...but I don't really notice.  That would be a good challenge to see how much I actually cough on a daily basis.

The only downside of my treatments this time is that I'll be traveling...again :(.  I'm off to Dallas on Sunday for work & I'll get home Friday morning.  So, I get to pack up all my goodies and add them to my already overstuffed suitcase.  Then, we are taking a beach trip so I'll get to pack everything up again - but that's OK, at least it will be fun :).

On another note - I'm bummed that my Zumba classes have been cancelled for the month of July :(  So, now I have to ride my bike or come up with something else to do.  I'm slightly embarrassed to admit, but I downloaded several of the songs we use in class and I've done them on my own...haha! I'm sure its quite a sight to see - poor Will.  Even more embarrassing:  I was sore after I went through the playlist - I must have really worked it!

Well, happy weekend to all! I'm beyond ready for some down time!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Normal

Life has changed a lot in the past month - we have developed a new normal.  Its sleeping in; its spur of the moment trips or just going away for a night; its a clean house!  But its not going on walks; its not having dog beds and toys everywhere; its just not as full of happiness (don't get me wrong, Will & I are still happily married, just missing some extra happiness).

I miss my old normal of getting up to let Sophie out and feed her.  I miss begging Will to take Sophie out when its raining (didn't always get my wish though).  I miss making sure I get home to feed her dinner and take her for a walk.  I miss tripping on toys in the middle of the night as I wander to the bathroom. Life is just a lot quieter.

Well folks - this is going to change soon!  I'm happy to announce that we've been talking with a breeder about getting not one, but TWO puppies - English Bulldogs, of course.  The good news is: they were born yesterday!!!  We want to get a brother and sister to make our family complete.  Here is a picture of the babies born yesterday (2 boys and 2 girls).  This is the only picture I have, but will post more when I know which ones will be our babies!

Their first meal :)
So, please keep your fingers crossed (prayer works too) that the pups are healthy and our hopes of bring them home to SC come true!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On the water

Greetings! Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July!  Mine was great - my older brother & his girlfriend are in town, so we spent the weekend visiting my mom's place.  We went out on the lake Sunday, then stayed by the pool on Monday.  I was either in a bathing suit or pajamas - fabulous!

Here are some shots of our fun times:
My brother Taylor wake boarding
My stepdad Brent wake boarding
Will attempting to wake board - unfortunately he never got up
My brother Michael attempting to wake board - he didn't get up either
We played some Wiffle Ball Homerun Derby too - I actually won - woohoo!!  That has never happened before so I must boast a bit :) 

I haven't shared the pics from our deep sea fishing trip a few weekends back.  Didn't catch much, but it was great!  I was pretty nervous because I don't like the ocean and was terrified to not see the shore.  However, I survived and would do it again...maybe.

Will reeling in the catch

Our big catch of the day!
Will, Matt & Captain Jim

Will & I at Harbor Town

I've decided I am a land girl.  Not so big on flying, and definitely don't want to be on the water for extended periods of time...good ole solid ground is what I like best!

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