I feel like I blinked and July is almost over...wow!  Its been a busy two weeks with my trip to Dallas, then last week I was on vacation in Destin, Florida.  It was a much needed break from work and life.  I pretty much checked out for the week - which was wonderful.  However, I'm dreading work tomorrow as I'll be a week behind - ahh!  Sometimes vacations make work even more stressful.

The night I got back from Dallas (7/15), there was a minor league baseball game which supported the CF Foundation.  So Will and I, along with some friends went out to the game.  It was a lot of fun...but I forgot to take pictures - oops!  The 15th was also our 5th anniversary - hard to believe its been that long.  Its great having a partner in life that always has your back and keeps you straight...don't know what I'd do without Will!  So, in honor of our anniversary - here's a few wedding pics:

Dad giving me away

Lighting the candle
Our first kiss as husband & wife!
We are married!

Our vacation last week was fabulous!!  We ate lots of food (blowing my healthy eating kick, but well worth it) and had a great time.  Here are some pics of our week:

Us gals finishing up our Sky Coaster ride!

The whole gang

Will & I
Me & my dad :)
Us again

My crazy brave sister bungee jumping

Gonna call it a night & go to bed early!!  Sweet dreams!


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