Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Our First Decade

I'm soooooo very late in posting this :(

Whoa!  I've been married a decade! Holy cow!  We decided to celebrate in Puerto Rico with our friends Matt and Brandy which were also celebrating their 10th anniversary.  Here are some pics from our trip (at the end of July):

Taking the ferry to Palomino Island

I found a hermit crab!
Zip Lining!
We survived!
The beautiful pool at the resort

Being that we've reached 10 years.  I was thinking about how many amazing things we've been able to do in that time.  I'm so blessed to have such a great, supportive husband.  We love traveling and love our lives at home with our bulldogs.  Here are some of my favorite memories from our last 10 years together.

After just about a month of marriage, we traveled to North Dakota to visit Will's family.  Sadly his grandfather was terminally ill, so Will wanted to visit him one last time and I got the privilege of meeting him.  Even with his illness he knew I was "the new one".  I sat and held his hand for a while...it was so sweet.  We took a drive out to where the family farm used to be...what a beautiful place.

Another favorite memory involves going to WVU games!  We always had a great time visiting with my brother-in-law (and now sister-in-law too) and cheering on the Mountaineers!

Going to my first WVU game!

A few years into marriage, we started an annual camping trip with my in-laws.  Never did I imagine that it would lead to us building a cabin in WV...but I'm so glad it did!

We started our marriage with our precious Sophie, but sadly we lost her.  Our hearts and home were empty without the pitter patter of bulldog feet.  So, we were beyond ecstatic when we welcomed our beloved Sarge and Stella!
Bringing home our sweet babies!!

One of my favorite trips of all was our New Years trip to Las Vegas!  Brent (Will's brother) and our friends Matt and Brandy joined us on this adventure.  Many memories made but of course, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ;)
On the top floor of Mandalay Bay

Another favorite also involves Vegas (no surprise there)!!  It was my 30th birthday trip!!  Again Brent, Matt & Brandy joined the fun, but so did my sister-in-law Julie and my dad and stepmom.  We partied like we were 21 - great memories!!

In September 2014, we had the opportunity to attend Oktoberfest.  And it was amazing!  We spent time in Munich, then visited Salzburg, Prague, and Amsterdam!!  It was Will's first time in Europe, and I was excited to show him Prague where I studied abroad in college.

Another major milestone and blessing was becoming a family of 5!  We were blessed to be selected to adopt our T-Bone!!  While there have been good days and bad blending him in the family, we wouldn't have it any other way!

Last but not least, we've become an Aunt and Uncle.  We love our little nuggets.  Its so much fun spending time with these kiddos and watching them grow.  While we are far from Adam and Allie, we have our Preston and Lilly right down the street!!  I love watching Will interact with the kiddos - I  see a side of him I didn't know he had!
With Allie and Adam

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

CF Appointment - August

It's that time already - CF Appointment!  My day started with fasting for my glucose test which began at 10am.  I lost 10 vials of blood - eek!!  From there I headed to get chest x-rays...that was super fast! Then, the waiting began...still had an hour and a half before my next and final blood draw.  Plus, no eating and man was I getting hungry.   So, I found a quiet corner in the hospital and read and played on my iPad.

I was wondering if I would have any blood left after all that came out.  
Stylin' for x-rays
When my appointment rolled around (and another blood draw), I went over to clinic to start the next round of activities.  First off, PFTs.  Here are the results:

                       8/16/16     5/10/16    8/4/15      9/19/14
FVC                  99%         96%         94%         111%
FEV1                88%         84%         83%           95%
FEV25-75%     64%         57%         57%           58%

As you can see, my scores are up a bit from last time, which makes me happy.  And I'm a bit up from where I was a year ago.  I was pleasantly surprised as I had missed my vest for a week or so before...oops!

First up, the social worker.  All good here thankfully!  We just chatted about life and what we've been up to.

Next, my respiratory therapist came in.  He was happy with my report.  We talked about the vest and how I sometimes struggle to use it when traveling.  So, I'm going to get an Aerobika that will be a great deal easier to tote around with me on my travels.  Check out the Aerobika here!  We also looked over my chest x-rays and they looked great!!  Woohoo!  (Side note - I am not on my Cayston cycle at this time)

My dietician came in as well.  She informed me that my Vitamin D levels on the bloodwork (from that morning) were .5 (whatever the measurement is) low.  Everything else was perfect!  So, just need to make sure I'm taking my vitamins!!

Then came my doctor.  She was happy with everything!  We chatted for a bit about the ENT experience, had my exam, got my refills, and then she was on her way.  I wasn't able to produce any sputum so the nurse gagged me and got a sample.  Hope there are no new findings in my culture.

And last came the Psychologist.  My clinic received a grant so we will have a Psychologist available for the next 2 years.  Pretty cool.  Fortunately I don't suffer from depression or anxiety when dealing with my CF, so we just chatted a bit.  Turns out he's from WV so we hit it off!

I was outta there about 3pm.  I went home and pigged out ;)

Monday, August 15, 2016


Greetings friends! I can't believe a month has past already.  I've been meaning to update you all on life, but never got around to it.  Oops.

So, Will and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on July 15th!  I'll have another post about that and our trip.  I figured I'd start with a pupdate!

To catch up on where we were last time, read  HERE.

Let's start with the easy one...Sarge.  This boy is healthy as can be and loving life.  He had some extra pep in his step yesterday and tried to play with T-Bone.  He bopped him on the head when he came up the back steps. I saw that and was afraid T-Bone was gonna give it to him, but he just wiggled his butt and acted playful! Woo...thank God!

Speaking of T-Bone, he had his bi-annual visit on 8/2.  All checked out great for his eyes, bloodwork, fecal exam...he actually just laid on the exam table the whole time...it was pretty funny.  His skin had started acting up again on his belly (like I posted about here).  So, he was put on another course of antibiotic and prednisone.  It seems to be better but its still light pink.  We're keeping it powdered as well!  Plus his tail pocket has some irritation so the meds with help with that too, along with some extra cleanings.

And last but not least, Stella.  I don't remember the date but it was in July, she went in for her Cushings test.  Long story short, she came back borderline-positive.  So, after lots of talking and planning with the vet, we decided not to put her on the Cushings medicine.  We've been monitoring her panting  and other possible symptoms (excess drinking and urination are the big ones).  And being me, I've been researching A LOT...looking at holistic treatments for Cushings and other causes of excessive panting.  I found an article about Prozac can cause this side effect! What?!?  So, at T-Bone's appointment on 8/2, I spoke with our vet about Stella too.  We decided to try and get her off the Prozac and see if she improves.  So, we are about 2 weeks into the weaning process and she's doing great.  Behavior hasn't changed and she actually seems to have a bit more energy.  Still panting, but hell, it's 90+ degrees all the freaking time! I sweat just taking them on potty breaks.  So, we'll see how the next few weeks go as she transitions completely off of the meds!
T-Bone being lazy at the vet
Sarge & Stella at camp
Sarge & Stella breaking in their new beds at camp.
Bulldog Jail!

CF Appointment 3.14.19

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