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The BIG 3-0

It was like I blinked and all of a sudden I'm graduated from college, married and 30!  Wow.  Its been a whirlwind, but definitely a fun ride.  I turned 30 on Thursday and much to my dismay, I couldn't stop the dreaded number from approaching.

30 has always been that age in my head that means you are "really" grown up.  I guess I finally have to consider myself an adult (but, I'm really just a big kid).  I remember being a little kid thinking people that are 30 ARE OLD!! They work and have kids and are no fun.  However, now that I am 30, there is no way that 30 is old! Its the new 20 :)  I'm still fun (so I think), I don't have kids (by choice) and live a great life.  There is still SO MUCH ahead of me.  I've decided to adopt the motto "thirty, flirty and fabulous"!!  Some of you may recognize this a line from the movie "13 Going on 30" - LOL.  Will doesn't like the "flirty" part - hehe.

But, in CF world - 30 is a seni…