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'Tis the Season

To be Jolly?  While I love the holiday season, I can't help but get stressed a bit.  I will admit, I have done much better this year - I'm 100% done with shopping and 95% done with wrapping - go me!  The presents are just the tip of the iceberg though.  There's decorating, making travel plans, making puppy plans, packing, cleaning...the list goes on and on.

This will be Will and my 6th Christmas together as married folks and the usual topic starts coming up in June: where will we spend the Holidays?!?!  I hate picking just one family, I want to see them all.  Why can't I see everyone on one day and it not be complicated?  Well, life isn't fair I've learned and my family lives all over the place!

But thankfully, we'll get to see all our parents and siblings this year...not at the same time or even the same day, but in the same week!  So, we'll have Christmas week - woohoo!  We'll get to do some traveling so that we make it to see everyone - which, I&…


It's time for a pupdate!!! Both Sarge and Stella continue to grow daily.  Its strange because being with them everyday, it doesn't seem like they are growing right in front of me, but they are.  I was flipping through some pics on my phone last night and was in shock at how small they used to be!  They were so tiny and wrinkly, but now they are so big and wrinkly!
Potty training is complete!  Both now understand the concept not to pee in my house - thank God!!  Stella may still have a slip up when her UTI is acting up, but she has made great progress.

Unfortunately, Stella is still battling the UTI that started back in October with her one night stay at the kennel/boarders.  She had one dose of antibiotics and some pain meds but that didn't really help the uncontrolled she was put on some special food (Royal Canin Urinary SO) which has helped greatly, but it makes her extra thirsty which then makes her have to go potty even more.  Just last week, the vet took an…


I can't believe its been so long since I blogged.  The truth is, I don't sit in front of my computer all day now, so its easy to forget.  Unfortunately, my job finally came to an end on December 2nd.  I knew it was coming, but thought I'd at least finish out the year - well Merry Christmas to me, I had a 2 day notice.

Last week was my first full week of unemployment and I swear I was busy all day but I'm still not sure what I accomplished.  At least I'm getting lots of quality time with my pups!  My goal this week is to clean the house from top to bottom!  Personally, I rather be working cause that does not sound fun!!

The Christmas parties have started - we had Will's company party on Friday night in Atlanta.  It was a nice time and the food was amazing.  Then, on Saturday night, our friends had their annual Christmas party which is always the best time.  Yesterday, we kept in the Christmas mood and went to the parade downtown!  I was rather surprised that Wi…

Christmas Card Outtakes

I usually have our Christmas cards ordered and ready for the mail by now, but I'm a bit behind this year.  However, I have over 75% of my Christmas shopping done which is beyond unusually...I'm the person that is usually scrambling the week of Christmas!

So, I've given up on a family photo as I have no idea when I'll get Will to sit down for a picture...and the pups!  So since Will had an out of town meeting today, I took it upon myself to try and get a cute puppy picture today.  Oh my!  I went out and bought some cute Christmasy collars, I wanted the antlers and santa hat but knew that would be virtually impossible to capture by myself.  So I settled for collars and attempted to put the pups by our Christmas tree.  Here are a few outtakes from our photo session:

Hopefully next year we can have some professional photos my fabulous friend at KP Photography!

CF Appointment

My CF Appointment went well on Friday.   My PFTs are slightly up from my September visit (FVC - 100% & FEV1 - 90%), so I was very happy for those results.  I only saw the doctor this visit since all was going well - didn't need to see the nutritionist or respiratory therapist.  So, thankfully the visit was rather short.

I got the results of my bone density scan in September and there was no change - I'm still osteopenic but it hasn't gotten any worse...which is good.  Not a whole lot else to report...I'll be going back in March for my next appointment.

Happy Monday to all!

Day 30

Better late then never - I had to complete this!!

Day 30:  I am thankful this is over!! haha!  I'm obviously not good at blogging everyday so I'll be happy to get back to my slack blogging routine. In reality, I'm very blessed and have a great life that I am extremely thankful to have EVERYDAY!  I have the best family and friends a gal could ask for...and the best puppies!  So, thank you for reading my 30 days of thanks!!