Great Strides

Great Strides is a great way to support the CF Foundation.  I began participating in my local Great Strides walk a few years ago and haven't been the same since.  I never knew anyone else with CF and had not been big in fundraising for the cause.  I personally don't like asking for money, but what cause could be more dear to me than the CF Foundation?  So, I have begun to reach out to family and friends to help support the CF Foundation.  I created a team, called CF Stinks, and we've been participating every year since 2008.  We started small but have raised over $120,000 for the CF Foundation...thanks to YOU!!!  

CF Stinks Fundraising Totals:

2008:        $300
2009:     $7,160
2010:     $5,007
2011:     $6,205
2012:     $6,295
2013:   $10,400
2014:   $11,893
2015:   $12,130
2016:   $13,375
2017:   $13,595
2018:     $3,875  
2019:  $12,893
2020:  $10,188
2021:  $9,900

TOTAL: $123,216!!!

To support CF Stinks, go to:  CF Stinks Great Strides

Great Strides Augusta is back in 2022!
Please join us October 15th!!

Great Strides Georgia Virtual Walk weekend was  

September 25 - 27, 2020

Thank you to the sponsors of team CF Stinks:


 Homestyles of Greenwood



  1. Those numbers are great! I love the jump between your first and 2nd year amazing! I hope to keep my numbers jumping. I have a seperate GreatStrides Tab/page too. If you have Corporate or Business Sposnors, how did you go about asking the companies? I want to have one for our next walk and I'm hoping to find another to donate our team shirts...Any help, please. oh and feel free to check out my greatstrides page and blogs.
    another fellower CFer helping raise awareness,

  2. Hey Cheriz! Sorry for the delay in responding. Fortunately, my family and I know the owners or executives of these companies, so we get our foot in the door for sponsorships that way. I'm not very good at approaching companies where I don't know anyone :(
    I'm so happy with how we have continued to grow our fundraising! Hoping for an even bigger year in 2014 :)


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