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CF Updates

Finally going to share my November appointment.  Being that is was nearly 2 months ago, I don't remember much about it! Here are my numbers:

Looks like I'm holding pretty steady! Can't complain about that!!

I'm due to start Cayston this weekend, so my shipment of CF goodies should be arriving on Friday - yippee!  It's that time where I'll get my Cayston, Zenpep and Hypertonic Saline.  You're welcome insurance!😉

I'm feeling good.  I managed not to get sick while Will was down with the crud. Thank heavens!!!  I'm getting over the non-working out, junk food eating slump from the holidays.  I've got my motivation back.  I won't lie.  I skipped out on Monday because 1) I dreaded the spin bike and 2) I snoozed too many times (probably because of #1).  But I went on Tuesday, Wednesday and today - and had great workouts.  My stamina is still pretty good, as long as I&#…

Happy New Year


I'm shocked at how long it's been since I've blogged.  Usually I start a post then get distracted, but I haven't even logged in since my last post.  Life has been bananas!!

We moved into our new house - woohoo!! We love it!! But, it's so much work moving.  I hate it.  We still don't have window treatments (maybe this week!), and furniture ordering has been a fiasco.  It's slowing coming together day by day.  Maybe by next Christmas I'll be ready for visitors!

I spent a week in Indiana visiting my brother and his crew the week after the move.  It was a great break from unpacking!  Getting to love on my precious kiddos is always amazing.

Then we just spent the last 2 weeks traveling for the holidays.  We enjoyed some time at our cabin, then in New Jersey and Charleston, WV.  It was a whirlwind, but loads of fun.

Unfortunately, the  traveling has taken a toll.  Will is sick and I'm doing everything I can to avoid him.  LOL.  I feel ok, so …