Happy New Year


I'm shocked at how long it's been since I've blogged.  Usually I start a post then get distracted, but I haven't even logged in since my last post.  Life has been bananas!!

We moved into our new house - woohoo!! We love it!! But, it's so much work moving.  I hate it.  We still don't have window treatments (maybe this week!), and furniture ordering has been a fiasco.  It's slowing coming together day by day.  Maybe by next Christmas I'll be ready for visitors!

I spent a week in Indiana visiting my brother and his crew the week after the move.  It was a great break from unpacking!  Getting to love on my precious kiddos is always amazing.

Then we just spent the last 2 weeks traveling for the holidays.  We enjoyed some time at our cabin, then in New Jersey and Charleston, WV.  It was a whirlwind, but loads of fun.

Unfortunately, the  traveling has taken a toll.  Will is sick and I'm doing everything I can to avoid him.  LOL.  I feel ok, so far!  I refuse to get sick.  I believe in mind over matter.  I won't get sick. I won't get sick.  I won't get sick.

Sadly, I've not done my vest in almost 6 weeks.  Eek!  I blame the move!  I did have a Cayston cycle that I did, but the vest has been slacking.  Damnit!  I could feel some changes in congestion around week 2 of not vesting, but don't feel any worse.  I know it works!  I'm almost afraid to start back and cough.  Uhhh.

And I haven't worked out since September.  I went once when we stopped back in SC in October, then twice at the beginning of December.  If I don't make it tomorrow, I'll for sure be back on Friday as I have a person training appointment.  So, send me happy thoughts!  It hurt to sit on the toilet after my December workouts!  But I LOVE IT!!

I'm excited for the new year.  I want to really bust my ass and get in tip top shape this year.  I know that involves eating healthier and not eating/drinking some of my favorite things.  I'm not good at moderation, so I'm either all in or all out.  We'll see how it goes!

Now, for a recap in pictures of the past few weeks!

Keys to the new house! You can see the landscaping wasn't done yet, but it is now!
Having fun with the kiddos in Indiana. 
The pups got pretty for Christmas!

The Greenbrier River at our cabin. 
Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree at the cabin.
Sweet kiddos walking the bullies. Stella refused to look and participate in the photo.
We took a day trip to Snowshoe...didn't ski, just enjoyed the scenery.   
Happy New Year!
 I also had a CF appointment somewhere in there, but I'll post on that another time.

I'm still missing my T-Bone.  I have his picture & paw print in my new office at home, so I have a piece of him with me no matter if I'm home or at camp.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!


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