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Cayston Time

I definitely think my 4 week break from Cayston goes faster than my 4 weeks on Cayston.  I started my new round on Saturday.  As usual, my Cayston cough kicked in about day 2.

I sleep through my coughs most of the time (unfortunately, Will is disturbed).  I will say Sunday night and Monday night were unusually filled with coughs.  I had to get up to take a puff of my Albuterol Inhaler to soothe it, and some water.  Then, had to sleep sitting up...for some reason that is better than laying flat.

Now I'm on Day 6 and its pretty much back to normal. I am coughing up some more stuff, so the vest is being my friend and helping to get it out.

For the Cayston users out there...don't you hate the containers?  EVERY TIME, I end up with little (sometimes big) cuts on my fingers from trying to open the vial.  Why put a stupid metal top on them?  So, you may have noticed the top changed!  Its now a blue plastic piece that you lift up on to pull the metal off.  However, I think it may be e…

Letter from my sister

I didn't want this post to get mixed up in with my other Christmas stuff, because it truly deserves a post of its own.  My 14 year old sister, Callie, wrote the most amazing thing and wrapped it up as my Christmas Present.  She had a school project where she had to write about her most influential person, and she chose me. What? I was flabbergast to say the least.  As I read the title, then began to read on and saw my name...the tears began to flow.  I don't know how I made it through reading it all because the more I read the more I cried.  The sweet words were so pure and heartfelt.  

*Pardon the messy hair, it was Christmas morning...and the puffy eyes, I was crying ;)

Since the picture is hard to read, I had Callie send me it so I could include on my blog:

My Influential Person  By: Callie Barthelemy         Checkups, vests, pills, more health precautions everyday.  Caston, enzymes, and more medicine than I can count.  Coughing up mucus, getting winded easily, setbacks that …

Christmas Memories

I just wanted to share some of my favorite photos from Christmas.  As you can see lots of fun was had, and lots of food was consumed :)  After all, I plan my life around what my next meal will be.

First stop, New Jersey!

Next stop, Pittsburgh!
I hate the all my favorite places to eat are in Pittsburgh, but that's probably a good thing cause I would never stop eating!! The great thing about Christmas travel is, calories don't count!!  Although my pants were a bit snugger when I got was all worth it :)

Since we flew, I didn't take my vest, but I had my Cayston and HTS.  Didn't get much exercise unless you count shoveling food in my face!

Sputum Results

Due to the findings of Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia in my last culture (read here), I went back to give a sputum culture right before Christmas in hopes to find that the Bactrim got rid of the bug.  Unfortunately, I heard from my doctor today, and I still have the bug.  That sucks!

We knew it wasn't a guaranteed thing, but I was definitely hopeful.  However, I guess my lungs are more welcoming than I want them to be.

What's the plan?  Nothing right now.  Just going to be keeping close watch on my PFTs and how I feel.  Fortunately, I feel great!! My next appointment is in February, so hopefully all goes well!

Happy 2016

I remember being young and all the adults would say how fast time flies.  I would most likely roll my eyes and think they were crazy...I wanted to grow up and it seemed to be taking forever!! Fast forward to being 32 and man, time does flies!  2015 was gone in a blink of an eye.  I'm trying to think back on my favorite moments of 2015, and having the worst memory in the world (I can't remember what I did yesterday!), I drew a blank on what happened this year.  With the exception of 1 thing...

I became an AUNT again! My precious niece came into the world in June and I'm beyond blessed with the title of aunt.  Although I haven't been able to see her nearly as much as I wanted, I still managed some trips to give her snuggles (and my nephew too).

So, I had to flip back through my pictures to find out what other great things happened this year...and now I remember! Such a great year! How could I not think of these things?  Perhaps my Sleepy Time Tea has slowed my brain down…