Happy 2016

I remember being young and all the adults would say how fast time flies.  I would most likely roll my eyes and think they were crazy...I wanted to grow up and it seemed to be taking forever!! Fast forward to being 32 and man, time does flies!  2015 was gone in a blink of an eye.  I'm trying to think back on my favorite moments of 2015, and having the worst memory in the world (I can't remember what I did yesterday!), I drew a blank on what happened this year.  With the exception of 1 thing...

I became an AUNT again! My precious niece came into the world in June and I'm beyond blessed with the title of aunt.  Although I haven't been able to see her nearly as much as I wanted, I still managed some trips to give her snuggles (and my nephew too).

So, I had to flip back through my pictures to find out what other great things happened this year...and now I remember! Such a great year! How could I not think of these things?  Perhaps my Sleepy Time Tea has slowed my brain down ;)

January - We began adjusting to life with 3 bulldogs.   Definitely stressful the first few months while these butterballs figured each other out.

February - Started with a trip to Indiana to visit my nephew and concluded with a surprise Puppy Shower from my dear friends.

March - Will and I attended the Bully Ball to support the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue (where T-Bone came from).  As usual, our gang of friends went to Steeplechase!

April - Got to spend some time with my sisters and stepmom in Florida for their Spring Break;  framing started on our cabin in West Virginia; and the CF Foundation came to the house to film!

May - Another trip to Indiana, we opened up camp in WV and went on a bachelorette trip for my now sister-in-law.

June - My Birthday is always fun ;) Saw Taylor Swift in concert, went to Indiana for my niece's birth and nephew's 2nd birthday.

July - Enjoyed time in West Virginia, Will & I celebrated our 9th anniversary, and we celebrated Sarge, Stella & T-Bone's birthdays!

August - Had a quick trip to Pittsburgh to see my Pap, and got to see my babies!

September - Went to Alabama initiate my sister into our sorority and then went to LA to see ELLEN with my Aunt.

October - Visited Indiana again!  Got to celebrate with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law at their wedding!

November - All 3 bulldogs snuggled for the first time!! Closed down camp for the year and had a great Thanksgiving meal.  And had an allergic reaction :/

December - Got to celebrate my buddy getting her Masters Degree, visited Indiana (with Will this time!), and spent Christmas with my Dad and the gang in New Jersey with a quick trip to Pittsburgh to see my Pap.

Another wonderful year in the books.  I'm truly blessed to have been able to travel as much as I did this year.  I'm blessed to have my awesome family that I get to see even though we live so far apart. I'm blessed to have my amazing husband that supports me in every way.  I'm a lucky gal.

Here's to 2016.  May this year bring you all your wildest dreams!


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