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Horses, Food & Booze

I hate when I start a post and never finish :/  Well, here is one from last week (sorry for the overload of pictures):

Will and I were beyond fortunate to join some friends in Kentucky this past weekend to experience the Bourbon Trail!  I'm not a bourbon drinker, but the guys are, so us gals were lucky to tag along for the ride.
The journey began on Friday with a quick flight to Louisville.  We arrived at our super cool hotel, The Seelbach, quickly checked in and headed out to meet our bus.  We drove around Louisville and learned about the area, then ended at Churchill Downs!  We went through the museum and got a tour of the property.  Super cool!  I've now added attending the Kentucky Derby to my Bucket List!  We concluded the afternoon at a local hot spot and had Mint Juleps!  We had a short break to get ready for dinner than were gone again.  Wow - was dinner good!  My favorite meal of the weekend!

Saturday began bright and early.  Ate a BIG breakfast at the hotel (needed a…

CF Appointment

Yesterday was the big day - my first CF appointment of the year!  I was glad it was just a fast check up with PFTs, visit with the nutritionist and then my doctor.  I was annoyed my lung functions were down a touch.

                    2/3/16      11/3/15      3/11/15      3/21/14
FVC              95%           98%            99%           105%
FEV1            84%           89%            85%            94%
FEV25-75    60%           68%            54%            68%

As you can see, it's not a huge drop, but they were a bit concerned...maybe because of the Stenotrophamonas?!  So, I'm to be extra alert of my cough and how I feel so I can call and report any changes.  I will say my cough is slightly increased, but I'm thinking that is a result of Cayston.  I feel fine, which is good.  I'm not having any problems working out or keeping up with my activities.  As usual, I gave them a sputum culture, so we'll see if anything funny shows up in that.

However, looking back …