CF Appointment

Yesterday was the big day - my first CF appointment of the year!  I was glad it was just a fast check up with PFTs, visit with the nutritionist and then my doctor.  I was annoyed my lung functions were down a touch.

                    2/3/16      11/3/15      3/11/15      3/21/14
FVC              95%           98%            99%           105%
FEV1            84%           89%            85%            94%
FEV25-75    60%           68%            54%            68%

As you can see, it's not a huge drop, but they were a bit concerned...maybe because of the Stenotrophamonas?!  So, I'm to be extra alert of my cough and how I feel so I can call and report any changes.  I will say my cough is slightly increased, but I'm thinking that is a result of Cayston.  I feel fine, which is good.  I'm not having any problems working out or keeping up with my activities.  As usual, I gave them a sputum culture, so we'll see if anything funny shows up in that.

However, looking back to 2014 - I sure don't like seeing a 10% drop! Eek!

I met with my new nutritionist.  Come to find out, she teaches the combat class at my gym in the evenings!  What a small world.  She asked about my diet and I told her that I'm a good eater, but I have a sugar addiction.  No Lie!  Not only have I been eating my Sour Patch Kids but I've developed a new craving for Reese's Pieces - yummy!  I probably should be embarrassed to say, but I've eaten the entire 4 lb bag that I bought on Sunday.  Thank you Sam's - NOT!!

So, I'm excited for Lent to start next week.  So long candy!!  Maybe I can get toned up a bit without all the crap in my system.

Other than that, all is well with me :)

On a side note, when we check in to the CF clinic, we are given a face mask to wear.  Of course, that generates lots of funny looks.  But oh well.  I make sure I wear my mask while in the CF Center area as I'm highly likely to run into another CFer and I don't want to pass them my bugs, nor do I want to get their bugs.

However, I was a bit perturbed to see a fellow CFer not wearing her mask.  One lady checked in and halfway put her mask on...just covered her mouth but not her nose - rather odd.  Then, a second lady came in behind her and got a mask.  Then, she just hung her mask on her arm! Really?!?!  I mean, she looked right at me wearing my mask and clearly avoided putting hers on! I'm not sure if they were mother/daughter or sisters, but they were definitely both patients - the nurse called them back together.

I'm not trying to be hateful, I promise, but I was really pissed.  If we don't watch out for each other, than who will?  We are on the same team!  We have to support one another and help protect one another.  It sucks we aren't supposed to be near each other, but that guideline is there for a reason.  I'm healthy and I work my ass off to stay that way...I don't want someone else's lack of caring or inconsideration to put me at risk.  I hate the mask, who doesn't?  At least while were are at clinic, let's be considerate of one another.

That's the end of my rant.

Have a great evening!


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