Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great Strides Update

Well, there were some good things about May 21st - and one of those was the Great Strides walk in Augusta.  CF Stinks showed up proudly supporting our lime green shirts, with exception to my pink one.  We raised over $6,000!!!  I'm still waiting to confirm the final total for us, but the walk is projecting to have raised over $50,000.  AWESOME!

Here are some pics of our great morning at the walk:

Will & I before the walk
Amanda & I before the walk
Birthday Boy!!

Group Shot
And we're off!

The Augusta Canal

Group Shot after the walk

Some of my favorite gals :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Never to be forgotten...

Sophie Elizabeth
February 26, 2005 - May 21, 2011

I never fathomed the day that I would have to write about losing my sweet baby Sophie.  However, the time has come as she passed away on Saturday.  It started as just another busy day - I just returned home from Dallas on Friday and had lots to catch up on from being gone a week.  The Great Strides walk was Saturday morning, so we were up and moving earlier than usual.  We followed our normal routine of going outside, and she ate her breakfast while I did my Cayston treatment.  After the walk, we came home for a few short hours before we were off again.  To our dismay, when we returned home about 3 1/2 hours later, our sweet girl was gone.  She had passed away in her sleep - we could tell she didn't suffer as she was curled up as she usually does when she sleeps and that cute little tongue was sticking out just a bit.

She will forever be in our hearts and a minute has not passed that I haven't thought of her.  I find myself looking for her or just about to call her name when I remember that she isn't here.  A wonderful cremation service picked her up Saturday evening and I was able to get her ashes back yesterday.  Now, I find myself talking to them just hoping she can hear me and know how much I love her.  I never imagined that I could love an animal so much.  I had other great dogs growing up, but there was just something about Sophie.  Perhaps it was that perplexed look she gave when you talked to her, or the constant burping and farting.

The house has grown very quiet the past few days.  Sophie was always making some kind of noise or Will and I would be talking to her or even singing.  We rather enjoyed making up songs about her - we know we are weird.  To put it frankly - it just sucks without her here.

That's all I can type right now through my tears, so enjoy some pictures of my sweet baby:

5/14/11 at the Paws for Pink Walk

Sleeping in the car on one of our many camping trips
At Grandma & Grandpa's house in WV

Somebody is spoiled sleeping with her daddy in the camper!

Just a bit tired from hiking :)

Playing tug-a-war with Gracie

Meeting a pig at the Wags and Whiskers Festival

Why drink the water when you can play in it?!

She loved swimming - Memorial Day 2010

Sophie & Maggie

Me & my sweet girl

Trip to Bruster's for ice cream!

Back in her puppy days...

She loved curling up with Taylor for her naps

Spoiled? Not at all ;)

My little cone head - after her eye surgery

Lovin' on her daddy

Anyone want to play ball?

Happy Halloween!

Merry Christmas - who wants toys when you can eat a box?!

Keeping an eye out for squirrels in her yard.

Her 2nd Birthday

Got a bit overweight...

More squirrel watching

Don't worry - she was ready to catch the turkey if it fell!

Getting some love from her grandad.

Sophie terrorizing Callie when they came for a visit

My angel

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