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Great Strides Update

Well, there were some good things about May 21st - and one of those was the Great Strides walk in Augusta.  CF Stinks showed up proudly supporting our lime green shirts, with exception to my pink one.  We raised over $6,000!!!  I'm still waiting to confirm the final total for us, but the walk is projecting to have raised over $50,000.  AWESOME!

Here are some pics of our great morning at the walk:

Some of my favorite gals :)

Never to be forgotten...

Sophie Elizabeth February 26, 2005 - May 21, 2011
I never fathomed the day that I would have to write about losing my sweet baby Sophie.  However, the time has come as she passed away on Saturday.  It started as just another busy day - I just returned home from Dallas on Friday and had lots to catch up on from being gone a week.  The Great Strides walk was Saturday morning, so we were up and moving earlier than usual.  We followed our normal routine of going outside, and she ate her breakfast while I did my Cayston treatment.  After the walk, we came home for a few short hours before we were off again.  To our dismay, when we returned home about 3 1/2 hours later, our sweet girl was gone.  She had passed away in her sleep - we could tell she didn't suffer as she was curled up as she usually does when she sleeps and that cute little tongue was sticking out just a bit.
She will forever be in our hearts and a minute has not passed that I haven't thought of her.  I find myself looki…