And I'm off...

To Dallas.  Kind of hard to believe its been 5 months since I've been out there.  I have a few things I'm looking forward to on my travels. 

1) Sour Patch Kids - this girl doesn't fly without them.  During Lent I had to and it was horrible.  I've become a bit fearful of the big bird in the sky, so Kids help calm my fears and keep me my mind, mouth and hands busy.

2) The Hampton Inn bed - this is truly heaven on earth.  Something about crawling into the the fluffy bed after a long day is just amazing.  Will and I keep talking that we are going to make our bed this great, but we still haven't.  Although, I'm afraid if I had it at home I'd never get out of bed! 

3) Pei Wei - LOVE this restaurant.  I've you've never been, you must find one and go!  We don't have one anywhere near us, so I must travel to eat this fabulous food.  Its owned by PF Changs, so the food is pretty much the same, just a bit more fast food.  And when your traveling along, its nice and easy :)

4) Target - can't go to the Big D without hitting up Target which happens to be very close to my hotel.  I tend to spend way to much money here and come home with an exploding suitcase...oops!  We never had one by us, until we moved back in December, but its still something to do and pass time while I'm away.

5) Reading - I get lots of reading time while I'm away.  I enjoy reading on the plane and I usually read while I'm in my hotel at night.  Since the time zone is different, all my shows are end earlier, so I get some extra time to read - yay!  I've picked up Emily Giffin's book Baby Proof and if I finish that, I'll head to Target and pick up another one to read on the way home.

So, while I'm away from the hubby and my Sophie girl - its nice to have some "me" time and do whatever I want!  If I want to eat some Sour Patch Kids in bed - that's what I do.  Or if I want to stay up late reading in bed with the light on, I won't be disturbing anyone.  And when I return from my Target trip(s), I won't have anyone making funny faces at all my bags of goodies :)

So, lookout Dallas - here I come!!!!


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