A Bumpy Ride

Its kind of strange that we've been home so much lately on the weekend - I actually get bored!  But, I know that's all about to change with the summer quickly approaching - we have lots of fun activities planned!!  We had yet another weekend at home - we did some bike riding and lucky me got to clean house and do laundry - the joys of being a wife.  Perhaps one day, I'll have someone that cleans my house and does my laundry - ahh, isn't that dream nice.  But, then I wake up and get back to my chores - just call me Cinderella :)

Yesterday, I thought it would be fun to join the hubby and our friend Matt on a bike ride.  They were heading out to the lake to ride a trail.  Yes, I've been riding my bike for a few weeks now - however, its primarily on pavement or a fairly flat and stable surface (not discrediting my riding - its still a lot of work).  So, I took to nature yesterday morning to hit the trail.  As imagined, the boys left me in the dust, but they were sweet enough to stop every mile or so and wait for me to catch up.  I like adventure, but I am fearful of flipping over my handle bars or falling off and flying into a tree - so I took it pretty easy.  Plus, the trail was narrow in some places and roots galore across the path.  Eventually, I told the boys to just go ahead and don't stop to wait for me - they had to turn around at the end anyway, so they'd run back into me at some point.  And they did...

I meandered a bit further after they left me then decided I'd just wait for them to return.  I definitely took it extra careful knowing there was going to be a mile or so between us at some point & they wouldn't hear me screaming if something happened.  Fortunately, we were pretty close to the end and they are super fast, so I was only alone for about 15 minutes and they came back to get me.  I did much better on the way out, in part that I was more than excited to get out of the woods, plus I was getting hungry :)  I'd give myself a B for the day.

On the way home, Will told me I did good.  I was sure to remind him that it was my first time EVER riding a bike in the woods on a rooty trail and that I AM NOT ATHLETIC.  He laughed and said he forgot how un-athletic I was and that I actually did really good thinking about it.  Gee, thanks dear :)


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