Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I finished reading Something Borrowed last week - I must correct that the author is Emily Giffin (horribly, I called her Emily Griffin in a previous post - my sincerest apologies).  I just loved the book and couldn't put it down.  Then, a friend suggested Something Blue which is continuation but from the perspective of another character (thanks for the suggestion Kelly!).  And, I loved it too!  I would say I probably read the second book even faster then the first!
Now that Something Borrowed is being made into a movie - which opens on Friday, I'm just super excited.  I can't wait to see how the producers interrupt the book - they have a great cast, which makes me even more anxious to see the movie.  Word is that Something Blue is also going to be made into a film - woohoo! 

I'm going to head out and buy her other two books in hopes they have the same witty and fun reading experience (I'm sure they do).  I highly encourage Something Borrowed and Something Blue if you enjoy a twisted, fun love story of 20-somethings living in NYC! 


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