Cayston in Dallas

I failed to mention in my previous post that it is time to start my next round of Cayston.  I started on Saturday morning, right before our dog walk.  I will post some pics when I get home from Dallas - got a super cute one of Sophie in her Paws for Pink bandanna :) 

I was going to put off my Cayston a week since I was heading to Dallas and it isn't nearly as convenient doing my treatments here as when I'm home.  Most people I work with have no clue about my CF and I don't really feel like having to go through explaining it, so I do a treatment in the morning around 7:30 am before I head out to the office.  Then, I rush back at the end of the day (usually between 5:30 and 6 pm) to do my second treatment.  And my final treatment is right before I turn out the light for bed (which seems to be pretty early - I try to stay on Eastern time so I don't get too messed up).  But of course, I allow at least a 4 hour window from my second and third treatments.

I've had some weird symptoms since I've been in Dallas.  Don't think its the Cayston (at least I hope not) but my whole body just ached last night when I was going to bed.  I hardly slept - I'd wake up every 30 to 45 minutes - just miserable.  Then, of course I'd think about work and all the things I needed to do which stressed me out and made it hard to get back to sleep.  Then, this morning, I almost called in saying I would be late, but I knew I couldn't do that.  My back just ached and I felt nauseous.  Luckily a lady a work gave me some Aleve and I felt better.  Maybe its the Pei Wei I ate last night?!?!  Just hope it doesn't happen again tonight! 

But, after my second Cayston treatment today I started having a sore throat...oh joy!  I hate traveling and being exposed to all these germs! 

Well, gonna go read a bit more while I watch Dancing with the Stars!  I'm cheering for Hines!!! 


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