Today is a day I never imagined I'd have at work - at least not for a few more years anyway.  I packed up my office.  I'm losing my job because they want someone that can be in Dallas daily (understandably for the company but sucks for me!)...unfortunately, for too many reasons to count, I can't move and therefore I'm out of a job.  I'll be heading to Dallas on Sunday afternoon so I can spend next week at the home office training my replacement.  So, I had to pack up all my records and files (which was a TON) and had them shipped to the big D.  Although its a logistical & amicable separation, I can't help but feel like I'm getting kicked off "The Apprentice" - lol.
I was going through everything and saw 5+ years of "stuff".  Its crazy to think I've worked for a company that long.  I found my old expense reports, packed up employee files - thought of some of those people and smiled - I'll truly be sad to not work with many of them.  HR is a funny world - you put up with lots of "stuff" and have to be the bad guy sometimes, but overall its pretty exciting.

While I figured I wouldn't work here forever - I did think I would have more time and leave when I was ready.  But life throws you curve balls.  So, while I'm sad that I won't be working (as I haven't found a new job yet), I'm kind of excited to be free!  We have lots of fun trips and activities planned for the summer to keep me busy and take my mind off of unemployment.  I won't have to submit a vacation request for my time off - I can just take it whenever.  I can stay up late and sleep in!

So, while I leave the professional world (temporarily), I welcome the free world!  I have a few more weeks to get everything transitioned, so it is definitely a bittersweet time.


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